Hydrology equipment

photo from Tom Cochrane

Sontek Flow Tracker

Widely regarded as the 'go to' method for gauging streams and small rivers, the flow tracker uses Doppler technology to measure water flow to a very high resolution and accuracy. The unit has built-in data logging and calculations to record raw measurements and calculate discharge.

CTD loggers

Conductivity, temperature and depth are all useful parameters to measure for long-term recording of stream conditions, especially in coastal areas. We have several different CTD units to choose from to suit a variety of situations and research needs.

Manta water quality sonde

This self-contained measurement and recording system can be used for mobile measurements or fixed location measurements. It measures all of the following parameters: temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, REDOX potential & Nitrates.

Current meters

We do have traditional stream current meters including pygmy and Ott meters. When quick measurements are required, perhaps in difficult to reach locations, our flowprobe 101 meters are lightweight & easy to use. Where time series data is required, we have a valeport model 106 current meter, or can use the ADV or ADCP (see our coastal section for details) if conditions are appropriate.


We have several water samplers designed specifically for streams and rivers, including an automated sampler where time series samples are required. Where bed-load sediment is of interest, we have several options for in-situ sample collection and our in-house engineer can design and build frames and bracketing systems to suit most locations.

Sediment analysis

See our Sedimentology equipment section for details on a wide range of lab analysis options.