Ground Penetrating Radar equipment

Student using Ground Penetrating Radar equipment in the snow © University of Canterbury 2017

Sensors and Software Pulse Ekko system

A flexible system that allows use of a wide range of different antennas.  Our highest frequency shielded antennas, 1000Mhz, enable capture of remarkable detail at shallow depths. Typically used for investigating detail of recent snowfall events, detailed structure within sedimentary deposits, and locating near surface buried services. In order to reach deeper, we go to our 500Mhz shielded antennas.  The shielding of these two options reduces interference in the radar-gram from surrounding conductive objects.  For bedrock studies, depth of glacier determination and other similar investigations requiring deep penetration, we have a 25Mhz antenna.  Additional antennae can be rented from third parties if required.

Cobra dual channel GPR

The innovative design of this system enables the possibility of collecting two different frequencies with one pass, within the range of 300Mhz to 1500Mhz, to enable collection of near surface detail, and information from greater depths.  This increases the efficiency of data collection two-fold.  In addition, this is a compact, and quick to set up system.