Air quality equipment

Mini-vol particulate sampler [15 units]

To enable good spatial information, we have 15 mini-vol units. Each is a self-contained unit consisting of a flow-controlled pump (running at 5L/min), battery pack, and size selective inlet and filter holder. Units are typically set up on lamp posts and the like using our rugged, in-house designed bracket, which mounts easily to almost any pole using stainless steel banding.

Sampling time can be programmed, or set to continuous, with battery packs lasting up to 30hrs, and a spare to enable daily swap outs when filters are also changed. If longer sampling is desired, a power supply can be arranged either from mains or solar. The sample inlet can be configured to sample total suspended particulates (TSP), PM10, or PM2.5. Filters are weighed on our 6 digit Mettler Toledo micro-balance after excess moisture has been removed in our desiccant chamber.

TSI Optical Particle Sizer (model 3330) [2 units]

This is a laser-based measurement system, which has the significant advantage of being able to measure up to 16 different size classifications simultaneously between 0.3 and 10µm. A built-in data logger allows samples to be recorded as often as 1 per second, and the user can define a range of sampling programs and rates. In order to adjust or verify the laser-based measurements; the system incorporates a filter for a gravimetric check on the calculated concentrations. These units are compact, so can be either used for mobile or fixed location sampling.

TSI Condensation Particle Counter (model 3007) [2 units]

In order to measure particulates between 1µm and 15nm, condensation particle counters work by exposing particulates to a saturated vapour chamber which grows each particle to a size that can reliably be counted by a laser system. Known as ‘ultrafines’ or PM1.0, these particulates represent a potentially more significant health threat, as they are able to penetrate deeper into the human respiratory system, and can even directly enter the blood stream from the alveoli. These units can be used mobile or at fixed locations.

GRIMM model 107

Similar to the OPS, the GRIMM is a laser based particulate sampler, currently configured to measure PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 simultaneously, and have a filter to provide a gravimetric check on the calculated concentrations.

Palmes diffusion tubes (NO2) [200]

These rely on a chemically coated mesh inside a small, easily portable tube, to absorb NO2 at a known rate. Following exposure (typically 1-2 weeks), a reagent is added to the tube, which reacts with the absorbed NO2 to produce a colour, the intensity of which is directly proportional to the NO2 concentration. These are often used for personal exposure studies, or investigations requiring detailed spatial resolution.

Gastec samplers

Intended for quick investigations of a wide variety of gases, these simple hand operated pumps are typically used for safety checks. Sample tubes are exposed to a specific volume of air, producing a colour change on the chemically treated tubes.