Adrian McDonald

Director of Gateway AntarcticaAdrian McDonald

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 416
Internal Phone: 92064


Research Interests

My research focuses on understanding processes relevant to the climate system, making fundamental atmospheric measurements (using a mixture of satellite remote sensing and surface observations), and the evaluation of environmental models. I am also an experienced field researcher and my team has participated in 20 Antarctic deployments and 5 Southern Ocean voyages. I also have a passion for science communication leading the award winning ‘Climate Change Series’ of public lectures, teaching how climate research can be used as an exemplar of how scientific issues are communicated and being a talented lecturer (3 nominations for the UCSA Lecturer of the Year).

Recent Publications

  • Farooq U., Rack W., McDonald A. and Howell S. (2023) Representation of sea ice regimes in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica, based on satellite imagery and AMPS wind data. Climate Dynamics 60(1-2): 227-238.
  • Kuma P., Bender FAM., Schuddeboom A., Mcdonald AJ. and Seland Ø. (2023) Machine learning of cloud types in satellite observations and climate models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 23(1): 523-549.
  • Schuddeboom AJ. and McDonald AJ. (2023) Understanding Internal Cluster Variability Through Subcluster Metric Analysis in a Geophysical Context. Earth and Space Science 10(1)
  • Vishwanathan G., McDonald A., Stone DA., Rosier S., Rana S. and Noble C. (2023) Mean and extreme precipitation over Aotearoa New Zealand: A comparison across multiple different estimation techniques. International Journal of Climatology
  • Aves AR., Revell LE., Gaw S., Ruffell H., Schuddeboom A., Wotherspoon NE., Larue M. and Mcdonald AJ. (2022) First evidence of microplastics in Antarctic snow. Cryosphere 16(6): 2127-2145.