Adrian McDonald

Director of Gateway AntarcticaAdrian McDonald

Beatrice Tinsley 320
Internal Phone: 92064


Research Interests

My research focuses on understanding processes relevant to the climate system, making fundamental atmospheric measurements (using a mixture of satellite remote sensing and surface observations), and the evaluation of environmental models. I am also an experienced field researcher and my team has participated in 20 Antarctic deployments and 5 Southern Ocean voyages. I also have a passion for science communication leading the award winning ‘Climate Change Series’ of public lectures, teaching how climate research can be used as an exemplar of how scientific issues are communicated and being a talented lecturer (3 nominations for the UCSA Lecturer of the Year).

Recent Publications

  • Dale ER., Kremser S., Tradowsky JS., Bodeker GE., Bird LJ., Olivares G., Coulson G., Somervell E., Pattinson W. and Barte J. (2021) The winter 2019 air pollution (PM2.5) measurement campaign in Christchurch, New Zealand. Earth System Science Data 13(5): 2053-2075.
  • Kremser S., Harvey M., Kuma P., Hartery S., Saint-Macary A., McGregor J., Schuddeboom A., von Hobe M., Lennartz ST. and Geddes A. (2021) Southern Ocean cloud and aerosol data: a compilation of measurements from the 2018 Southern Ocean Ross Sea Marine Ecosystems and Environment voyage. Earth System Science Data 13(7): 3115-3153.
  • Kuma P., J. McDonald A., Morgenstern O., Querel R., Silber I. and J. Flynn C. (2021) Ground-based lidar processing and simulator framework for comparing models and observations (ALCF 1.0). Geoscientific Model Development 14(1): 43-72.
  • McErlich C., McDonald A., Schuddeboom A. and Silber I. (2021) Comparing Satellite- and Ground-Based Observations of Cloud Occurrence Over High Southern Latitudes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 126(6)
  • McFarquhar GM., Bretherton CS., Marchand R., Protat A., DeMott PJ., Alexander SP., Roberts GC., Twohy CH., Toohey D. and Siems S. (2021) Observations of clouds, aerosols, precipitation, and surface radiation over the southern ocean. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 102(4): E894-E928.