Our philosophy

To achieve our mission, we rely strongly on regular group meetings. Meetings are a great opportunity for our members to share news, discuss their research, and express their opinions and views in a supportive and respectful environment. We are committed to maintaining these interactions, so we all attend and participate actively. 

Part of FERG research depends heavily on team work, equipment and shared resources, and thus, on the infrastructure, resources and equipment the group has built during the last 20+ years. Because we are a big group, we will prioritise efforts in keeping our field gear organised and working, and our data and IP secure and safe. As enthusiasts of transparency in science, we prioritise open research (open access, code posting, data sharing). We help each other in the lab, field and office, and are considerate of the needs and constraints of others. We also empower our members to take on leadership roles.  

Success in our mission depends on keeping our members safe and healthy, and in respecting the constraints we operate under. Thus, everyone works towards maintaining a safe working environment, and seeks all the appropriate approvals for their work. 

We care about the cohesion and culture of our group, so we will be welcoming, inclusive, and positive, and will contribute to a vibrant and enjoyable environment within FERG, our School and UC.

Finally, we benefit from positive interactions with our community, stakeholders, and colleagues, so we are committed to maintaining communications and interactions with others that reflect the values implicit in our philosophy and that enhance our mission.