FERG Research

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FERG research includes a wide range of freshwater-related questions using a variety of approaches. This covers the whole gambit of freshwater topics from landscape and ecosystem-scale studies to community and population ecology investigations, and includes restoration and conservation-focused work through to more fundamental ecology.

We focus especially on the waterways of Canterbury and the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, but have been involved in research in many places around the world. We're mostly concerned with streams and rivers and the things that live in them, but are increasingly working on pond and wetland systems as well as riparian ecosystems.  We use a variety of empirical approaches ranging from landscape-scale measurements to reach-scale and mesocosm experiments, and expect to be including more modelling, forecasting, and spatially explicit approaches with the arrival of Jonathan Tonkin and Tadeu Siqueira in the group.

You can find resources, including handouts, posters, newsletters and data, on our FERG Figshare account. For FERG peer-reviewed articles, books and theses see our outputs.