Aimee Harper

Mechanism of action of cell envelope proteinases on plant proteins.
Supervisor: Renwick Dobson

Alba Cervantes Loreto

Noisy interaction and their consequences for diversity maintenance.
Supervisor: Daniel Stouffer

Amanda Board

The interactions of Oleosins and their implications in the food industry.
Supervisor: Renwick Dobson

Andrew Watson

Effects of whitebait fishing on population dynamics and structure of īnanga (Galaxias maculatus)
Supervisors: David Schiel, Mike Hickford

Antonina Arkhangelskaya

The endosymbiotic microbiome of Pisolitus fungi facilitates survival in extreme geothermal soils.
Supervisors: Matthew Stott, Ian Dickie

Averill Moser-Rust

An investigation into visual attention in jumping spiders employing machine learning.
Supervisors: Ximena Nelson, James Atlas

Ben Crichton

Influence of whitebait fishing and habitat composition on perennial whitebait populations.
Supervisors: David Schiel, Mike Hickford, Angus McIntosh

Bonnie Humphrey

The effect of central nervous stimulants on the vigilance decrement in humans and jumping spiders.
Supervisor: Ximena Nelson

Cat Morton-Burns

Paternal contributions to mammalian sex allocation: The story of sperm.
Supervisor: Elissa Cameron

Channell Thoms

Kekewai (Paranephrops zealandicus) and Kākahi (Echyridella menziesi) as biological tools and indicators for stream restoriation.
Supervisor: Jonathan Harding

Chris Meijer

Investigating īnanga (Galaxias maculatu) in Te Waihora - Lake Ellesmere.
Supervisor: David Schiel, Mike Hickford

Coley Tosto

An investigation into the evolution of sexual dimorphism and mating systems using the sex-role-reversed family syngnathidae
Supervisor: Sarah Flanagan

Daniel Crossett

Resilience, recovery and changing reef conditions along the Kaikoura coast, post earthquake.
Supervisor: David Schiel

Daniel Mak

Development of novel capillary microfluidic assays for the wine industry
Supervisors: Volker Nock, Renwick Dobson

David Coombes

Organismal competition and evolution.
Supervisor: Renwick Dobson

David Hera

Drivers and mechanisms of within-species trait variation in fungi, using New Zealand Pleurotus as an example.
Supervisor: Ian Dickie

David Wood

Investigating the structural and molecular mechanism of Streptococcus pneumonia sialoregulator NanR.
Supervisors: Renwick Dobson, Timothy Allison

Debolina Sarkar

Determination of the effect of electrical field on Zoospore of Phytophtora sp. using lab-on-a-chip technique.
Supervisors: Ashley Garrill, Volker Nock

Devyani Dixit

Application of nanoparticle contrast agents for spectral imaging of artery plaques
Supervisors: Steven Gieseg, Anthony Butler

Francois Thoral

Integrating broad and local-scale remote sensing to examine links between the coastal light environmental and biological communities.
Supervisor: David Schiel

Gowtham Janardhanan

Improving cold tolerance in winter sown field pea.
Supervisor: David Leung

Ilina Cubrinovska

Conservation genomics of shore plover/tuturuatu (Thinornis novaeseelandiae).
Supervisor: Tammy Steeves

James Davies

Structural and functional investigation of the TRAP transporter family.
Supervisor: Renwick Dobson

Jana Wold

Utilising evolutionary insights from a comparative approach to conserve New Zealand's threatened birds.
Supervisor: Tammy Steeves

Joanna Green

Drivers and consequences of reciprocal ecosystem legacies of invasive pines and exotic grasses.
Supervisor: Ian Dickie

John Ramana

Trade-offs between nutrient uptake and pathogen protection as links between plant and fungal traits in mycorrhizas.
Supervisor: Ian Dickie

Ken Clemente

Impacts of warming and nutrient pollution to estuarine seagrass ecosystems in New Zealand.
Supervisor: Mads Thomsen

Lucas Pereira Martins

Macroecological patterns in plant-frugivore networks.
Supervisor: Jason Tylianakis

Lydia McLean

Understanding behavioural and diettary variatins between populations of endangered kea (Nestor notabilis) for conservation management.
Supervisors: Ximena Nelson, Travis Horton


Supervisor: Hazel Chapman

Mark Herse

Influences of habitat quality, landscape context, and customary harvest on a culturally-significant waterbird management.
Supervisor: Jason Tylianakis

Marlene Leggett

Natural history of Marpissa marina.
Supervisor: Ximena Nelson

Megan Tan

Supervisor: Ian Dickie

Michael Currie

Using nanodiscs to characterise the structure and properties of membrane proteins.
Supervisor: Renwick Dobson

Michael Love

Bacteriophage endolysins to control pathogenic gram-negative microbes in agriculture and medicine.
Supervisor: Renwick Dobson

Michal Bernach

Artificial plant leaf surfaces as a surrogate for microbial colonization.
Supervisors: Mitja Remus-Emsermann, Volker Nock

Morgan Tracy

Pollination systems and neighbourhood effects in native, invasive and agricultural species.
Supervisor: Hazel Chapman

Moritz Miebach

Transcriptional responses of Arabidopsis thaliana to bacterial leaf colonisation.
Supervisors: Mitja Remus-Emsermann, Paula Jameson

Murthy Chilukamarri

Micropropagation system for commercial production of apple (Malus domestica) trees- based on in-vitro multiplication and in-vitro grafting.
Supervisor: David Leung

Rina King-Hudson

Peroxiredoxins in mood disorders
Supervisor: Renwick Dobson

Sahel Amoozadeh

Elucidating the molecular interaction of membrane-associated NAC transcription factor with effector proteins originating from a variety of plant pathogens.
Supervisors: Claudia Meisrimler, Jodie Johnston

Sanaz Safavian

The effect of Antropogenic disturbance on braided river birds in New Zealand
Supervisors: Hazel Chapman, Jim Briskie

Sarah Sale

Beyond myrtle rust: insight into the invasive growth of rust fungi.
Supervisor: Ashley Garrill

Shawn Gerrity

Recovery, restoration, and population dynamics of New Zealand blackfoot abalone (pāua) affected by large-scale disturbance and mass-mortality.
Supervisor: David Schiel

Shinae Montie

How does a warming world, with stronger and longer marine heatwaves, affect kelp forests and seagrass communities?
Supervisor: Mads Thomsen

Siddarth Raajasekar

Effect of 7,8-dihydroneopterin on macrophage inflammation.
Supervisors: Steven Gieseg, Elissa Cameron

Simone Cunha

Do interactions among agents affect biological control of Tradescantia fluminesis
Supervisor: Dave Kelly

Sophie O'Brien

Spatial barriers providing and receiving nature's benefits in landscapes.
Supervisor: Jason Tylianakis

Sophie van Hamelsveld

Antibiotic resistance in New Zealand water bodies and traditional sources of aquatic kai: a survey.
Supervisor: Jack Heinemann

Spencer Virgin

Ecophisiology of limpets on New Zealand rocky shores.
Supervisor: David Schiel

Thi Thuy Nguyen

Effects of environmental changes on physiology and growth in the black-foot paua (Halistis iris).
Supervisor: John Pirker

Tonny Miiro

Investigation into the use of agricultural waste proteinsas seed priming agents to enhance crop performance.
Supervisor: David Leung

Trang Nguyen

Unique potato lines tolerant to nitrogen deficiency generated under in vitro selection.
Supervisor: David Leung

Vanita Thakur

Tripartite symbiosis of bacterial communities, ectomycorrhizal fungi and invasive pines.
Supervisors: Ian Dickie, Matthew Stott

Yin Chin

Determination of offspring sex ratio in horses.
Supervisor: Elissa Cameron

Ziqi Yu

The influence of protein and lipid co-oxidation on food quality.
Supervisors: Grant Pearce, Renwick Dobson