Brittany Earl

The impact of introduced brown tree frog, Litoria Ewingii, on New Zealand pond systems under increasing climate change conditions.
Supervisor: Helen Warburton

Christian Stocks

Developing a generic transformation workflow to genetically modify Gram-positive bacteria.
Supervisor: Mitja Remus-Emsermann

Christopher Dawson

Effects of Wild bird feeding by the public in winter,
Supervisor: Jim Briskie

Emma Godfrey

Social learning in a marsupial - is it a possum-bility?
Supervisor: Elissa Cameron

Fleur van Eyndhoven

The role of sexual selection in the wide-bodied pipefish, Stigmatopora nigra.
Supervisor: Jim Briskie

Flynn Adcock

Remediation of the greenhouse gas methane using methanotrophic and photoheterotrophic communities.
Supervisor: Matthew Stott

Holly Welford

Increasing the pool of cultivated Venenivibrio species from New Zealand hot springs.
Supervisor: Matthew Stott

Jessie Anderson

Methylation and gene expression differences at neurodevelopment genes, in response to maternal tobacco use during pregnancy.
Supervisor: Amy Osborne

Joel Brunke

Improving methods of extraction and purification of Rubisco.
Supervisor: Grant Pearce

Kate Stanion

Assessing giving up density as an indicator of boldness in wild brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) populations in New Zealand.
Supervisor: Elissa Cameron

Kate Wright

Characterisation of the leaf microbiome of the thermotolerant kanuka species Kunzea ericoides.
Supervisor: Matthew Stott

Kelvin McPherson

Bringing home the lost (vegetable) sheep: A phylogenomic approach to testing the monophyly of Haastia (Asteraceae, Senecioneae).
Supervisor: Pieter Pelser

Leann Vinson

Affects of abiotic stress on Phytophthora pluvialis growing on Pinus radiata springs.
Supervisor: Claudia Meisrimler

Olivia Hore

Trout influences on non-migratory galaxiids under natural and reduced flow conditions.
Supervisor: Angus McIntosh

Olivia Janes

Evaluating the success of immune gene rescue in the nationally critical Tūturuatu/Shore Plover (Thinornis novaeseelandiae).
Supervisor: Tammy Steeves

Paulina Ring

The association between BPA exposure, DNA methylation and altered neurodevelopment in zebrafish.
Supervisor: Amy Osborne

Sam Chaplin

Studies on kea (Nestor notabilis) behaviour and physiology.
Supervisor: Ximena Nelson

Stephen Rowe

Assessing the efficacy of soil as a probiotic for improving kiwi gut health in hatcheries.
Supervisor: Matthew Stott

Vanessa Kennard

Anthropogenic environmental changes and stress in birds.
Supervisor: Jim Briskie

Sam Chaplin

Studies on kea (Nestor notabilis) behaviour and physiology.
Supervisor: Ximena Nelson