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A major strength of Psychology at UC is the balanced and comprehensive set of highly regarded courses available. We also offer excellent postgraduate opportunities in Experimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

We encourage students to:

  • Think independently and critically about psychological issues
  • Become acquainted with the substantive findings, concepts and methodology of the discipline
  • Learn how to distinguish genuine findings from implausible and suspect claims
  • To understand modern scientific research in psychology.

‌Psychology is one of a small number of subjects in which you can complete majoring requirements for both BSc and BA degrees.

‌Psychology is one of a small number of subjects in which you can complete majoring requirements for both BSc and BA degrees.

UC administers a range of undergraduate scholarships through the Scholarships database.

Our graduates develop a valuable set of skills that are transferable to a range of careers, including:

  • Knowledge of human development, personality, and social relationships, as well as perception, cognition, intelligence, and learning
  • Understanding how behaviour problems develop and options for treatment of personal and interpersonal difficulties
  • Comprehending the personal and social factors involved in achieving and maintaining mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • Designing and conducting research
  • Finding information from a range of sources and critically evaluating the information found
  • Problem solving
  • Oral and written communication
  • Co-operation, teamwork and leadership
  • Statistical and computer competencies

Psychology graduates have found jobs in local and central government, health, industry, commerce, correction services, rehabilitation services, social service agencies, education, further and higher education institutions, charitable, counselling and voluntary organisations. Postgraduate study opens opportunities for professional work, including working as a Registered Psychologist, and can also lead to an academic career pathway in teaching and research.

  • UC's Guide to Job Hunting offers a variety of career resources including employer information.
  • UC's Careers service provides more information about career options for Psychology graduates.
  • For more information about UC student and graduate opportunities, go to UC CareerHub.

There are a range of postgraduate options for students with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

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