Trial of Nutrients for Mental Health, Anxiety and Depression (NoMAD)

This trial has been developed to explore whether or not micronutrients may improve symptoms of anxiety and depression in adults who are not taking medication for their mental health symptoms.

The Nutrients for Mental Health, Anxiety and Depression (NoMAD) is a double blind, placebo controlled, randomised controlled trial (RCT). The RCT is viewed as the gold standard for testing whether or not treatments work.

Participants will be randomly assigned to one of two groups, either the treatment group (who will receive micronutrients) or the placebo group (who will receive an identical product that contains no micronutrients). Both groups will take placebo or micronutrients for 10 weeks. Neither the participant NOR the investigators will know which group participants are in until the end of the study. However, at the end of the RCT phase (after 10 weeks), ALL participants will be offered the opportunity to take the micronutrients for a further 10 weeks, regardless of which group they were in. That way, everyone who participates in the study has the chance to try the micronutrient intervention. 

Micronutrients are not a proven treatment for symptoms of anxiety and depression. Referrals to participate in the trial must come via your General Practitioner (GP). 

More information about the trial, how to contact the research team and how to refer can be found at


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