Seminar Series

An Overview of exciting work being undertaken by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare


Callum Spence, Product Development Manager


Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland and former UC postgraduate

Time & Place

Fri, 21 Sep 2018 11:00:00 NZST in Room 701, Level 7

All are welcome


Callum Spence managers a team of scientists and engineers developing advanced medical devices at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

They are currently working on exciting challenges in surgery and are making a major difference in patient care and outcomes. Their research applies tools such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and mathematical modelling to gain a fundamental understanding of how existing and future products perform and how they can be enhanced.

Callum will overview the company and their recent work that includes measuring heat loss from an open surgical wound and using an infrared camera with a narrow pass filter around 4.2 microns to visualise CO2 gas flows.


All Welcome


Callum Spence - Product Development Manager at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland, completed his PhD at UC in 2011.