Seminar Series

Black holes as a tool to understand gravity


Nathalie Derulle


Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Paris, France

Time & Place

Fri, 07 Oct 2016 11:00:00 NZDT in Rutherford 531, Level 5

All are welcome


Black holes first emerge as an almost unwelcome offspring of Einstein's equations before becoming an ubiquitous astrophysical reality. Being pure gravity objects they also serve as probes to explore theories of gravity which try to go beyond General Relativity. I shall give a couple of such examples of exotic black holes, in higher dimensional spacetimes or endowed with 'scalar hair'. 


Background: Nathalie is a former student of the Ecole Normale Superieure, an associate physics, research director at CNRS and the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES), Nathalie Deruelle is a professor at the École Polytechnique and also heads the Laboratory of relativistic gravitation and cosmology at the astrophysics Institute of Paris.  She regularly gives lectures on gravitation to the attention of the general public (University of All Knowledge, etc.)