Seminar Series

The Physics of Clouds and Climate


Andrew Gettelman


Erskine Fellow visiting in the Physics and Astronomy Dept

Time & Place

Wed, 13 Jul 2016 11:00:00 NZST in Rutherford 531, Level 5

All are welcome


Clouds are perhaps the greatest uncertainty in predicting both weather and climate. This seminar will set out the physical basis for understanding the earth’s climate system and how our understanding of climate flows from basic physical laws. Central to understanding the future evolution of the earth system is understanding how cloud processes influence climate. The basic physics of clouds and their influence on climate will be discussed, along with the key complexities of observing and simulating clouds and their effect on climate. These complexities and their relation to current and future climate will be discussed, along with some prospects for how uncertainties in climate prediction can be narrowed by a better understanding of cloud processes.


BIO: Andrew Gettelman is a Scientist in the Climate and Global Dynamics and Atmospheric Chemistry and Modelling Laboratories at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). He is actively involved in developing atmosphere and chemistry components for global climate models at NCAR. Prof Gettelman specializes in understanding and simulating cloud processes and their impact on climate, especially ice clouds. He has numerous publications on cloud physics representations in global models, as well as research on climate forcing and feedbacks. He has participated in several international assessments of climate models, particularly for assessing atmospheric chemistry. Gettelman holds a doctorate in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington, Seattle. He is a recent recipient of the American Geophysical Union Ascent Award, and is a Thompson-Reuters Highly Cited Researcher.

Prof Andrew Gettelman, is visiting with Adrian McDonald from 6 June to 12 August 2016 based in Room 622 on Ext. 6208.