Seminar Series

Various aspects of relativistic inhomogeneous cosmology


Dr Jan Ostrowski


National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw, Poland

Time & Place

Fri, 08 Feb 2019 11:00:00 NZDT in West 701, Level 7

All are welcome


Modern cosmology has observational access to two very distinct epochs in the history of the Universe: the very-high-redshift surface of last scattering and the low-redshift large-scale structure. One of the aims of relativistic cosmology is to bridge these two epochs with an accurate description of gravitationally induced dynamics that causally lead from one epoch to the other. In my talk I will present some of the constituents of this major endeavour, focusing on the methods of modelling gravitational instability evolution and calculating its statistical outcome. These are based on the Buchert scalar averaging formalism, with the Zel'dovich approximation serving as a closure condition and the silent universe models (Einstein equations with no rotation and no energy transfer).

All Welcome


Dr Jan Ostrowski, National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw, Poland