School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, Te Kura Matū Seminar Series

Neutrino interactions and oscillations in particle physics


Dr Cheng-Yang Lee


The Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, Eshwar Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104, India

Time & Place

Fri, 24 Aug 2018 11:00:00 NZST in Room 701, Level 7, WEST Building

All are welcome


Neutrino is one of the most abundant and elusive particles in the universe. Even today, sixty years after their initial discovery, there remain many open questions. In this talk, after reviewing the history of neutrinos, I will discuss the phenomena of neutrino oscillations and their implications for particle physics. Among the neutrino interactions, nuclear beta decay plays an especially important role. I will use this process to discuss the ongoing experimental and theoretical efforts to study neutrinos.


Dr Cheng-Yang Lee - former UC postgraduate now based at The Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences Eshwar Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104, India