Seminar Series

Unexpected Physical Sciences Career Paths and How to Grab Them


Dr David Galligan and Mr Matt Hopkins


New Zealand Defence Force.

Time & Place

Tue, 22 Oct 2019 11:00:00 NZDT in West 701

All are welcome


Planning for and finding jobs after study is an important and sometimes tricky endeavour. We’ve both come from physics backgrounds at Canterbury and Otago respectively and we have managed to build long term science / engineering careers working for the New Zealand Defence Force in roles that we had never deliberately planned for as we progressed through university.

We will share some insights about the career paths that we and our colleagues have taken and will note the many and varied experiences we have had on the way. We will give you some insights into the kinds of personal qualities, experiences and skill-sets that organisations like ours are looking for when we go recruiting, and we will give some hints for successful recruitment applications.

Whilst this talk is based around our defence science experiences the insights should generalise across a range of other less obvious career paths.

Our aim is to keep this presentation fairly informal and to take questions as we go.

All Welcome


David Galligan is a Research Leader of Military Operations Analysis at the Defence Technology Agency of the NZ Defence Force.  In 2000 he completed his PhD here at UC and also worked as a Postdoc until 2002.  Matt Hopkins completed a Masters of Science at the University of Otago and is a Research Leader in Communications, Networks & Cyber also based with the NZ Defence Technology Agency.