Chemistry Olympiad

  • Chemistry Olympiad 2017 team

    The 2017 New Zealand team: Allen Hui, Janice Ho, Harry Yeom and Milidu Ratnayake

The annual Chemistry Olympiad is an international chemistry competition for teams of four young people from around the world. The New Zealand team is selected, trained and coordinated as a collaboration between the universities and high schools.

The 2018 Olympiad will be the 50th and is to be held in July in The Czech Republic and Slovakia; the 2019 Olympiad will be in Paris.

Selection of a training group is made around October/November of the previous year and is based upon performance in a selection test. It will next be held on Thursday, 27 September 2018. The selection test assumes knowledge of only Year 12 (NCEA Level 2) Chemistry and is great preparation for these exams.

During term one, the training group will undergo a programme which includes reading material, problem assignments and a test in early March. From the test, 30 students are chosen in mid-March for a training camp to be held in the April school break. The International Olympiad takes place in July.

To be eligible, students must be under 20 and not intending to attend University in the year of the International Olympiad. Students must have been attending a New Zealand school for at least two years prior to July of that year. Any student who attended the NZCHO training camp in April, and still meets the other criteria, will get automatic selection to the training group the following year. They will still need to register their interest.

The New Zealand Chemistry Olympiad Trust is a member of the Science Olympianz Association.

To enter the Olympiad, registration need to be received by 7 September 2018.

The teacher in charge must register online including the names of any students who meet the above criteria.

Each student must also register. Students must pay an entry fee of $30 by direct credit into: ANZ account of the New Zealand Chemistry Olympiad Trust: 06-0665-0133836-00 (you MUST include your name in the details).

If you were in the training group previously, you do not need to sit the entry exam again or pay the initial exam fee. You must still register and also advise us separately by email that you request direct entry to the training group.




Team 2017: Bangkok, Thailand

Name  Position  Education Medal
 Janice Ho  Team   Macleans College, Auckland Bronze
 Zijun (Allen) Hui  Team  Macleans College, Auckland Silver
 Milidu Ratnayake  Team   Auckland Grammar School Bronze
 Sang (Harry) Yeom  Team  Auckland International College Bronze
 Dr Owen Curnow  Head Mentor  University of Canterbury  
 Dr Stephen McCracken  Mentor  Mt Roskill Grammar School  
 Katrina Graaf  Observer  University of Auckland  


Team 2016: Tbilisi, Georgia

Name  Position  Education Medal
 Ellena Black   Team   St Andrew’s College, Christchurch Bronze
 Lucas Lee  Team  Macleans College, Auckland Bronze
 Edward Liu  Team   Macleans College, Auckland Bronze
 Ben Zhang  Team  Macleans College, Auckland Bronze
 William Wang  Reserve  King’s College, Auckland  
 Dr Duncan McGillivray Mentors  University of Auckland  
 Dr Andrew (Buck) Rogers Mentors  St Peter’s College  


Team 2015: Baku, Azerbaijan

Name  Position  Education Medal
 Hugo Brown  Team   St Paul's Collegiate, Hamilton Bronze
 Brianna Nally  Team  James Hargest High School Bronze
 Thomas Chang  Team   Auckland Grammar Schoo Bronze
 David Kim  Team  Macleans College, Auckland Bronze
 Sam Frengley  Reserve  St Peter's School, Cambridge  
 Dr Jan Giffney Mentors  St Cuthbert's College  
 Dr Sheila Woodgate Mentors  University of Auckland
 Dr Allick Lal Observer  Macleans College


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