Seminar Series

Synthesis and Study of Dinuclear Cobalt(III)-platinum(II) Complexes as Potential Anti-Cancer Pro-Drugs


Fatemeh Tavakolinia Final Ph.D. Seminar


Time & Place

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 11:00:00 NZST in Rutherford Room 531

All are welcome


The presence of hypoxic cells in human tumors provides an important target for selective cancer therapy. The main goal of this project is to synthesize smart targeted drug delivery systems that deliver drugs to cancer cells with better efficacy and lower toxicity levels. This talk will describe attempts to synthesise novel heterodinuclear [Co(µ-OH)2Pt] complexes. This will be done within the context of developing a new approach to delivering platinum anti-cancer drugs to targeted sites in the body.

The Co(III) ion is kinetically inert, that is, it exchanges ligands only very slowly, but when reduced to Co(II) (by bioreduction after entering to hypoxic cells) the ligands will be exchanged rapidly. This results in release of the platinum component which will be an anti-cancer drug.