Seminar Series

New Approaches to the Synthesis of the Manzamine Alkaloids: Total Synthesis of (-)-Nakadomarin A


J. Stephen Clark


School of Chemistry University of Glasgow, UK

Time & Place

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 12:00:00 NZDT in Rutherford Room 531

All are welcome


Nakadomarin A was first isolated from a sponge of Amphimedon sp. by Kobayashi and co-workers in 1997 and was found to possess a unique hexacyclic structure. 1 This unusual alkaloid exhibits cytotoxicity against murine lymphoma L1210 cells, antimicrobial activity and inhibitory activity against cyclin-dependent kinase 4. The intriguing structure of nakadomarin A combined with its diverse and significant biological activities make it a very attractive synthetic target and several total syntheses have been reported. 2 Nakadomarin A is a member of the manzamine family of alkaloids but is architecturally distinct from the other manzamines because it possesses a contracted B-ring and an extraneous furan. Kobayashi and co-workers identified a direct biosynthetic route from ircinal A to nakadomarin A,1 which suggests that a common synthetic approach to both compounds and manzamine A might be possible.

Various synthetic approaches to the total synthesis of manzamine A and nakadomarin A will be presented. The short and efficient total synthesis of nakadomarin A will be presented in which a tetracyclic ketone intermediate is prepared using a strategy that involves a rearrangement reaction, an RCM reaction and an unusual amination reaction. 3 The tetracyclic ketone should also serve as an advanced intermediate for both ircinal A and manzamine A, and efforts to complete syntheses of these natural products will be discussed.


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