Field stations, equipment and facilities

Exciting new research facilities

The Ernest Rutherford building (Formerly Regional Science and Innovation Centre (RSIC)) is home to the Geological Sciences department since the beginning of 2018. Geology occupies teaching, research and support space in the building, which enable the delivery of cutting-edge science teaching, supported by state-of-the-art audio-visual and laboratory equipment.

Equipment and laboratories 

Geological Sciences has well-equipped teaching and research laboratories, extensive computer facilities, and electronic and mechanical workshops, and enjoys the use of custom-built teaching and research facilities. Find out more.

Catalogued collections

The Department maintains significant collections of rocks, minerals, geochemical concentrates, macro- and microfossils.  Some parts of the collection are of national significance and as such, impose some statutory obligations on the Department with respect to protection and access. Find out more.

Field stations

UC's field stations are well placed for research and teaching in the South Island's diverse and dynamic environment. Our undergraduates and postgraduates benefit from these resources and the learning and research opportunities they provide.