Geological Sciences contacts

Geological Sciences

Level 3
West Building
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 369 4384

Administrative staff

Rebekah Hunt

Department Administrator
West 329
Internal Phone: 94384

Janet Warburton

Administrative Assistant
West 329
Internal Phone: 94383

Academic staff

Catherine Reid

Associate Professor
Head of Department
West 332
Internal Phone: 94438

Kari Bassett

Senior Lecturer
Sedimentology & Basin Analysis
West 330
Internal Phone: 94495

Sarah Beaven

West 321B
Internal Phone: 95992

David Bell

Senior Lecturer
Engineering & Mining Geology
West 327
Internal Phone: 94490

Jim Cole

Research Associate
Volcanology & Volcanic Hazards
West 322
Internal Phone: 94492

Tim Davies

Natural Hazards
West 322
Internal Phone: 94508

Clark Fenton

Senior Lecturer
Engineering Geology
West 320
Internal Phone: 94439

Darren Gravley

Associate Professor
Volcanology and Geothermal Systems
West 319
Internal Phone: 94489

Samuel Hampton

West 319
Internal Phone: 94502

Travis Horton

Associate Professor
Environmental Geochemistry
West 318
Internal Phone: 94386

Ben Kennedy

Associate Professor
Physical Volcanology
West 321
Internal Phone: 94437

Andy Nicol

Structural Geology
West 325
Internal Phone: 94436

Alex Nichols

Senior Lecturer
West 321
Internal Phone: 94410

Kate Pedley

Lecturer -Teaching and Administration
Ernest Rutherford 218
Internal Phone: 94378

Jarg Pettinga

Engineering and Structural Geology
West 325
Internal Phone: 94491

Tim Stahl

Lecturer in Tectonic Geology
West 325
Internal Phone: 92449

Marlene Villeneuve

Senior Lecturer
Engineering Geology
West 321
Internal Phone: 94497

Tom Wilson

Associate Professor
Disaster Risk and Resilience
West 326
Internal Phone: 94503

Postdoctoral fellows

Lauren Schaefer

Post Doctoral Fellow
West 324
Internal Phone: 95969

Daniel Blake

Post Doctoral Fellow
Resilience to Nature’s Challenges / QuakeCoRE

Technical staff

Sacha Baldwin

Ernest Rutherford 105A
Internal Phone: 94837

Matt Cockcroft

Geomorphology Technician
Departmental Safety Officer
Ernest Rutherford 114
Internal Phone: 95901

Chris Grimshaw

Sedimentology & Palaeontology
Departmental Health & Safety Representative
Ernest Rutherford 264
Internal Phone: 92054

Cathy Higgins

Engineering Geology
Ernest Rutherford 109
Internal Phone: 95023

Sarah Pope

Engineering Geology
Ernest Rutherford 109
Internal Phone: 95022

Rob Spiers

Senior Technical Officer
Petrology & Cosmogenics
Ernest Rutherford 109A
Internal Phone: 95950

John Southward

Electronics & Computing
Ernest Rutherford 263A
Internal Phone: 94364

Anekant Wandres

GIS/Graphics Technician
GIS Analyst
Ernest Rutherford 263C
Internal Phone: 94515

Carol Stewart

GNS Science/Massey University

Greg Browne

Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences

Joshu Mountjoy


Kevin Laurie Brown

Mac Beggs

Elemental Group

Mauri McSaveney

Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences

Paul Scofield

Canterbury Museum

Richard Hugh Sibson

Research associates and affiliated staff

John Bradshaw

West 324
Internal Phone: 94493

Margaret Bradshaw

West 324
Internal Phone: 94496

David Shelley

Associate Professor (retired)
Rutherford 317

Mike Finnemore

Southern Geophysical Ltd

Paul Ashwell

Senior Tutor
Rutherford 312A
Internal Phone: 94544

Erskine Fellows

A bequest by former distinguished student John Angus Erskine enables some 70 Visiting Erskine Fellowships to be awarded each year for international visitors to give lectures. The Geological Sciences department hosts many distinguished Erskine Fellows. A full and up-to-date list of past and present Erskine visitors is available on the Erskine Fellowship pages.