Geography Department safety information

Emergency contacts

  • NZ Emergency Services (FIRE/POLICE/AMBULANCE) 111

  • UC SECURITY 6111 or 0800 823 637

Geography contacts

Geography H&S information

UC Health & Safety in field activities

All staff taking students on field trips must complete Health and Safety training. Anyone who is not trained will be unable to take students into the field, which includes visits to urban sites, marae, and other similar venues. Field Safety training updates are also compulsory. New members of staff must be accompanied by a fully trained staff member.

When engaging in field activity you must ask yourself:

  • Am I leading a group or working alone?
  • What are the potential hazards and levels of risk?
  • If things go wrong, who will know and what more could I have done?

Common sense and good judgment are required - if in doubt speak to your supervisor/manager/HOD/DSO, as these are the people responsible for sign off.

Geography has a form bank in the departmental ‘staff only’ drop box K:\Health_Safety\Field_Activities.

With either group or solo field activities, current documentation and guidelines are in the UC Health and & Safety Toolkit, under Hazard Management > Field Activity – Group or Sole. To learn how to use the Toolkit see 'About' or 'FAQs' at the top right of all Toolkit pages.

Start by opening the UC H&S Toolkit

Field trip procedures

  1. Before you go, submit a Field Activity Plan including hazard ID and sign off by your supervisor/HOD/DSO to the 'geog field intentions email to
  2. When it's time to go, for each field trip or subsequent trip for the same activity, use the field notification web form to confirm the following details: leader, contact, participants, start & finish times, and destinations.
  3. When you return, please let us know via
  • The Leader Health Declaration and Consent goes to the HOD, and provides contact details, medical & dietary conditions, fitness to lead.
  • The Field Activity Participant Consent goes to the Field Activity Leader, and provides contact details, medical & dietary conditions, next of kin, H&S skills, and signoff on responsibilities and expectations. 

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