UC Esri ArcGIS Site License

UC pays an annual fee for Esri's NZ Uni Site License (period 1 March - 29 Feb), which provides unlimited ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) 'Advanced (ArcInfo)' concurrent licenses on UC owned machines, and ArcGIS Desktop v10.x 1yr Single-Use License for enrolled students on their own machines. It also provides free access to online Esri Training (see below).

Want to use ArcGIS...

...but don't know where to start or need a refresher?

Esri Training

Check out the Esri Academy for self-paced online E-Learning courses covered by UC's site license. You just need to sign up for an Esri / ArcGIS Public Account, and then use your UC email to contact John Thyne to get it connected to Canterbury University.


Another great resource is YouTube: If you're using ArcGIS ArcMap then search for keywords that include the software such as 'arcmap basics', or to create a map layout see How to make a simple map in ArcMap.

If by chance you're using ArcGIS Pro then search YouTube for 'arcgis pro basics', or to create a map layout see Make a layout in ArcGIS Pro.

Geological mapping

If you want to create a geological map then have a look at Digitising a geological map in ArcGIS Desktop from the Scientific Illustrator, Department of Geology, University of Otago.

ArcGIS on UC PC's

If not already installed on your UC PC then it should be available via Software Centre. Look here for tips on using ArcGIS at UC.