Human Geography

Ilam apartments students map wall landscape

Key themes of work in this research cluster include a continuing interest in international and community development, environmental management, future studies, geopolitics, health and well-being, spatial data science, regional development, regional analytics, tourism, transport, urban studies, sustainable urban development, urban planning, and bicultural planning. 


Current or recent fieldwork in human geography has taken place in Antarctica, the Arctic, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Kenya, the Tibetan plateau, Vietnam and  Zambia.  


Methods used in our research include qualitative methods: content and discourse analysis, interview and focus group work, co-creation and participatory action research (PAR) methods, workshops as well as a variety of quantitative methods; for example, spatial analysis and spatial modelling. 

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Human Geography
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Academic Dean of Science
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Human Geography
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Human Geography
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Human Geography,Chief Science Advisor, MoT
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