Canterbury research into clean-up plans wins

14 July 2014

A UC geological sciences postgraduate has won a competition about communicating his thesis investigating the clean-up work required after an Auckland volcanic eruption.

Canterbury researchers providing earthquake advice

27 June 2014

A group of University of Canterbury natural hazard researchers will provide suggestions to strengthening Nepal's resilience in the face of major earthquakes at an international symposium in Singapore this weekend.

Christchurch perfectly placed to be cycle capital

05 June 2014

Christchurch is perfectly placed to be the cycling capital of New Zealand and a UC expert believes cycling in the city will continue to increase as new cycleways take shape.

Glacier tourism potentially under threat

09 May 2014

Glacier tourism, a multimillion-dollar industry in New Zealand, is potentially under threat by ongoing glacial retreat, a University of Canterbury researcher says.

Discovery channel filming giant catapult in action

09 April 2014

One of the biggest documentary television channels in the world, Discovery, will be filming a University of Canterbury giant catapult volcanic research project later today.

No surprise in the latest climate change report

07 April 2014

The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should provide pause for thought on future decision making.

Coastal expert to give public lecture at UC

04 April 2014

An international expert on coastal flooding will give a public lecture at the University of Canterbury next week about the impact of sea level rise in cities and urban areas.

Investigating critical thickness of sea ice

01 April 2014

University of Canterbury researchers are investigating key factors into the state of the climate system by assessing sea ice thickness in the Southern Ocean.

Investigating critical thickness of sea ice

01 April 2014

University of Canterbury researchers are investigating key factors into the state of the climate system by assessing sea ice thickness in the Southern Ocean.

Changes need to be made to make biking safer

18 March 2014

Many office workers and children do not feel safe biking to work or school and changes need to be made, a University of Canterbury (UC) cycling advocate says.

Christchurch experiences more flooding

05 March 2014

Christchurch is now experiencing more frequent and severe flooding due to the impact of the earthquakes, University of Canterbury (UC) researchers said today.

Christchurch has suffered liquefaction in the past

05 March 2014

Fresh research has found Christchurch has previously experienced liquefaction in an earthquake, most likely the 1869 Christchurch earthquake.

Documentary film about the Christchurch rebuild

28 February 2014

A documentary film, produced by a University of Canterbury (UC) visiting professor, about Christchurch's rebuild will be premiered in April.

UC quadcopter helping in the Christchurch rebuild

27 February 2014

A state of the art UC quadcopter is helping provide video footage of earthquake damaged homes along clifftop edges in the Port Hills.

Greater investment in cycling has economic benefit

17 January 2014

A University of Canterbury (UC) urban transport expert believes the Government and local authorities should invest more money into cycling because of the economic benefits.

Last chance to manage continental invasion

14 January 2014

Antarctica was protected from human contact until about a century ago but the threat of biological invasions continues to grow, visiting UK researcher to UC says.

UC NEWS logo

20 December 2013

A UC geography student, who graduated this week, has provided management options to authorities to minimise the impacts of beach users on shellfish resources.

UC Teaching Medal awarded

18 November 2013

UC geography academic Professor Eric Pawson has been awarded the University of Canterbury's Teaching Medal for 2013.

UC NEWS logo

08 November 2013

Nearly 300 people from all over the country will attend the GeoScience Society of New Zealand conference at the University of Canterbury later this month.

Rise in sea level from polar melt a serious issue

19 September 2013

The likely sea level rise from melting polar ice needs to be seriously considered in the rebuild of Christchurch, a University of Canterbury (UC) expert says.

Visiting expert pleads for light rail

16 September 2013

A global expert on world urban rail systems has made a plea for Christchurch's rebuild planners to include light rail for the future benefit of the city in recovery.

Experts slam Christchurch transport proposals

03 September 2013

UC transport experts are slamming proposals to improve a high capacity ChCh arterial road, saying the move is old-school 1980s-style transport planning.

Tokyo river research has lessons for NZ

23 August 2013

A University of Canterbury senior hazards lecturer believes Christchurch and Wellington can benefit from his research on river channels in Japan.

Past to shed light on Antarctic weather patterns

12 August 2013

To better predict future Antarctic weather trends, a University of Canterbury researcher is seeking to understand the polar region's past icy conditions.

Poor air quality for ChCh and Auckland commuters

29 July 2013

While NZ's major cities have less congestion and lower volumes of traffic than cities overseas, they still produce high commuter exposure to finer particles says UC expert.

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