NZ's first geospatial science conference at UC

04 December 2015

A new geospatial science conference will look at diverse topics, including ways to use disruptive new technology to create real-world solutions for health and urban planning.

UC scientists predict road landslide quake risk

12 November 2015

UC scientists have developed a technique to predict the risk of landslides in an earthquake.

UC Alumnus helps save historic telescope

01 October 2015

The University of Canterbury has announced that the quake-damaged Townsend Telescope will again search the starry skies above the Arts Centre in central Christchurch.

Two UC professors Women of Influence finalists

29 September 2015

Two University of Canterbury professors are among the finalists for the Women of Influence awards for 2015.

UC composers win Douglas Lilburn contest

28 September 2015

Two University of Canterbury composers are among the winners of the inaugural NZTrio Composing Competition 2015: Celebrating Lilburn.

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29 June 2015

Four University of Canterbury postgraduate students are among nine New Zealand university students to receive Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence.

Antarctic orcas are South Pacific commuters

26 June 2015

University of Canterbury (UC) scientists and Antarctic researchers from Italy have struck "research gold" by uncovering the commuting secrets of Antarctic killer whales.

UC professor appointed director of IAI

05 May 2015

UC's Professor Bryan Storey has been appointed director of the International Antarctic Institute (IAI), a global consortium of 20 universities and agencies all over the world.

Alpine fault earthquake will produce challenges

23 April 2015

A University of Canterbury geological sciences researcher says an alpine fault earthquake is likely to be markedly different to the Canterbury earthquakes.

Alpine fault earthquake will produce challenges

23 April 2015

A University of Canterbury geological sciences researcher says an alpine fault earthquake is likely to be markedly different to the Canterbury earthquakes.

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20 April 2015

A UC postgraduate geology student has been exploring Red Hills in the Nelson Lakes National Park for groundwater springs.

Earthquakes demonstrate people caught by surprise

26 February 2015

The Christchurch earthquakes demonstrate that people generally do not take any notice of the likely occurrence of rare events, says a UC natural hazards researcher.

Symposium to look at the future of the Antarctic

12 January 2015

A University of Canterbury postgraduate symposium will later this month raise issues relating to crucial decisions which will impact on the future of the Antarctic.

Cutting edge UC research at Tasman Glacier

12 January 2015

University of Canterbury geography researchers are at the forefront of using new technology to understand scientific problems at New Zealand's largest glacier.

Antarctic toothfish, lost - and found

08 December 2014

Scientists from the UC, the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), and the University of Illinois are working together at Scott Base.

Study discovers personal products in Antarctica

04 December 2014

A UC project has found everyday chemicals used in personal care products including soaps, cosmetics and sunscreens are present in sewage effluents discharged.

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10 November 2014

A University of Canterbury researcher is heading a project which has received a $345,000 Marsden grant to look at short-term glacier behaviour in critical areas of Antarctica.

A man's best friend in Antarctica

02 October 2014

A University of Canterbury (UC) historian will recount the special role that dogs have played in Antarctic operations at a public talk on Sunday (5 October) at NZ IceFest.

Super moon may produce post-quake flooding

09 September 2014

A super large moon tonight may produce some post-quake flooding in low lying parts of Christchurch.

Seeking to mitigate flooding damage to Tokyo

08 September 2014

University of Canterbury geography researcher Dr Christopher Gomez is investigating river flooding problems and potential solutions for Tokyo city.

Global importance of Antarctica

18 August 2014

The global importance of Antarctica to New Zealand cannot be underestimated, University of Canterbury's Gateway Antarctica researcher Dr Daniela Liggett says.

Antarctic fish should survive global warming

24 July 2014

A University of Canterbury student researcher is investigating how emerald rock fish in the Antarctic can adjust and survive the predicted global and sea temperature increase.

UC research investigating the Antarctic identity

21 July 2014

University of Canterbury PhD student Gabriela Roldan is investigating how five global cities including Christchurch are benefitting from their close Antarctic connections.

Underwater vehicle to be used to measure sea ice

16 July 2014

A UC scientist is measuring the thickness and biological productivity of Antarctic sea ice using a remote underwater vehicle to understand its role in oc

Canterbury research into clean-up plans wins

14 July 2014

A UC geological sciences postgraduate has won a competition about communicating his thesis investigating the clean-up work required after an Auckland volcanic eruption.

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