Geospatial Data and Software

Geospatial data and software

Geographic Information Science uses software such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to manage, analyse and display data. "Every GIS comprises of 5 elements: computer hardware, software, data, personnel to run the system & a set of institutional arrangements to support the other components" (Aronoff,1989)


Geospatial data is increasingly available via download or live stream on the internet (see the links below). Some of is available on the UC network by mapping a drive to \\file\bulk\geodata (if prompted for your UC username prefix it with uocnt e.g. uocnt\<yourusername>).


The primary GIS software used at UC is ArcGIS from Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri). The UC Esri site license provides ArcGIS Desktop v10.x (ArcMap) and ArcGIS Pro v2.x on UC owned Windows computers - if not already installed then it should be available via Software Centre. Mac and Linux users can run it in Windows in Bootcamp or a VM, or alternatively use QGIS which is multi-platform, free and open source.

The UC Esri site license also provides home use to enrolled students and continuing staff:

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