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The Department of Communication Disorders serves New Zealand and the world through excellence and innovation in scholarship, teaching and public service. With a burgeoning post-graduate programme and new doctoral-level faculty in diverse areas of the profession, our research profile is rapidly expanding.

For detailed information about the research of individuals, research groups, projects and disciplines, see the Department of Communication Disorders' section of the UC SPARK website.

Research centres and laboratories

Resources and guidelines

Ethics applications involving research conducted by staff and students in the Department of Communication Disorders are normally vetted by one of two research ethics committees. Students should consult with their project supervisor about which committee is relevant for their project.
All research in the Department of Communication Disorders should be directed to the relevant University of Canterbury Human Ethics Committee (unless the research involves an educational setting).
In addition, most research in the areas of health or disability is required by law to be reviewed by the Ministry of Health’s Health and Disability Ethics Committees (HDECs). Your study is likely to require HDEC review if it involves: i) human participants recruited in their capacity as consumers of health or disability support services, relatives or caregivers of such consumers, volunteers in clinical trials; ii) human tissue; or iii) health information.
Applications for low risk research studies

Some types of Masters or undergraduate-level research may be considered “low-risk” if it meets certain criteria. Find out more.

The following phrases may be used on consent forms to enable subjects to request an interpreter.

English I wish to have an interpreter Yes No
Māori E hiahia ana ahau ki tetahi kaiwhakamaori/kaiwhaka pakeha korero Ae Kao
Samoan Ou te manaó ia I ai se faámatala upu. Ioe Leai
Tongan Oku ou fiema'u ha fakatonulea. Ioe Ikai
Cook Islands Ka inangaro au I tetai tangata uri reo. Ae Kare
Niuean Fia manako au ke fakaaoga e taha tagata fakahokohoko kupu. E Nakai
Mandarin 我需要一个翻译 不对
Japanese 通訳の人を希望します。 はい。 いいえ。
Korean 통역이 필요 하세요? 아니오

Our staff research interests

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