FERG Alumni

Recent Alumni

Dr Katie Collins

Katie completed her PhD in 2019. As part of CAREX, Katie’s PhD focussed on understanding the factors which might limit excessive nuisance macrophyte growth. Katie trialled alternative tools to control macrophytes in small agricultural streams including lining stream banks with weed mat, hand weeding, glyphosate spray and shading. 

Katie Collins

Dr Steve Pohe 

Steve completed his PhD in 2019. His thesis was centred on the macroecology of New Zealand mayflies, with specific aspects investigating diversity, distribution, body-size, taxonomy and genetic population structure. His research included an experiment evaluating optimal light sources for use in insect biodiversity surveys, and a comprehensive nationwide survey that considerably improved our knowledge of the mayfly fauna. Other contributions included an annotated species checklist, a genetic library of DNA sequences and the development of a mayfly database of species records.

Steve Pohe

Dr Justin Pomeranz

Justin finished his PhD in 2019. He investigated changes to stream food web structure in response to acid mine drainage using proxy variables and modelling techniques. He also developed a novel method for inferring predator-prey interactions in food webs.

Justin Pomeranz

Alice West

Alice finished her MSc in 2019. Her research investigated the distribution, ecology, and conservation of regionally endemic stream invertebrates found on Canterbury’s Banks Peninsula. Alice used regional and river classifications to help explain the spatial distribution and habitat preferences of these threatened endemic species.

Alice West

Dr Nixie Boddy

Nixie completed her PhD in 2018. Using large-scale electrofishing surveys she studied how spatial heterogeneity in flow disturbance regimes around river confluences influence spatial and temporal patterns in freshwater fish assemblages. Nixie, in collaboration with Kevin Fraley, also examined the impact of surface water abstractions on freshwater fish abundance, diversity and native:invasive ratio, in addition to food chain length, breadth and body size analysis.

Nixie Boddy

Simon Coats

Simon finished his Master in GIS (MGIS) in 2018. He modelled the distribution of suitable Canterbury mudfish (Neochanna burrowsius) habitat within Canterbury. His thesis also used graph theory to investigate the benefit on habitat connectivity on N. burrowsius metapopulation persistence.

Simon Coats

Dr Kevin Fraley

Kevin finished his PhD in 2018. He evaluated the usefulness of fish-focussed metrics as proxies for characterising aquatic food webs within Canterbury river catchments. He also described the influences of flooding disturbance, catchment land cover type, and the presence of native predatory Anguilla spp. on fish assemblage structure and food-chain length in streams.

Kevin Fraley

Dr Brandon Goeller

Brandon completed his PhD in Ecology in 2018. Brandon's PhD research took a stream-ecology approach to attenuating nitrate-N loads in agricultural waterways on the Canterbury Plains. As part of the CAREX team, Brandon trialled denitrifying woodchip bioreactors, in-stream woodchip additions, and riparian planting to rehabilitate agricultural waterway nutrient cycling.

Brandon Goeller

Tim Green

Tim completed his MSc in 2018. His research investigated whether commonly used in-stream habitat restoration tools, such as coarse woody debris and large inorganic substrate additions, can effectively restore benthic macroinvertebrate communities in lowland Canterbury waterways. He focussed on habitat requirements at two key stages in these animals’ life history – egg-laying (oviposition) by terrestrial winged adults, and aquatic larvae.

Tim Green

Alumni before 2018

  • Roland Eveleens, BSc (Hons) (2017)
  • Nicky Glenjarman, MSc (2017)
  • Jase Eden, MSc (2016)
  • Malea Zygadlo, MSc (2016)
  • Sophie Hunt, MSc (2015)
  • Dr Amanda Klemmer, PhD (2015)
  • Tom Swan, MSc (2015)
  • Dr Jon Bray, PhD (2014)
  • Dr Mark Galatowitsch, PhD (2014)
  • Roseanna Gamlen-Greene, BSc (Hons) (2014)
  • Dr Elizabeth Graham, PhD (2014)
  • Dr Simon Howard, PhD (2014)
  • Tom Moore, MSc (2014)
  • Dr Danladi Umar, PhD (2014)
  • Dr Frank Burdon, PhD (2013)
  • Dr Kristy Hogsden, PhD (2013)
  • Emma Porter, MSc (2013)
  • Karen Renouf, MSc (2013)
  • Matt Wallace, MSc (2013)
  • Kim Roberts, MSc (2012)
  • Kate Schowe, MSc (2012)
  • Teresa Burrell, MSc (2011)
  • Dr Rebecca Campbell, PhD (2011)
  • Laura Drummond, MSc (2011)
  • Dr Phil Jellyman, PhD (2011)
  • Simon Stewart, MSc (2011)
  • Jarred Arthur, MSc (2010)
  • Hannah Franklin, MSc (2010)
  • Troy Watson, MSc (2010)
  • Taryn Wilks, MSc (2010)
  • Kati Doehring, MSc (2009)
  • Dr Duncan Gray, PhD (2009)
  • Justin Kitto, MSc (2009)
  • Dr Amy Whitehead, PhD (2009)
  • Dr Darragh Woodford, PhD (2009)
  • Dr Hamish Greig, PhD (2008)
  • Amber Sinton, MSc (2008)
  • Hannah Wood, MSc (2008)
  • Dr Michelle Greenwood, PhD (2007)
  • Rebecca Eivers, MSc (2006)
  • Iain Fraser, MSc (2006)
  • Annabel Barnden, MSc (2005)
  • Dr Hans Eikaas, PhD (2005)
  • Paul Morris, MSc (2005)
  • Dr Leanne O’Brien, PhD (2005)
  • Sarah Rickard, MSc (2005)
  • Tanya Blakely, BSc (Hons) (2003)
  • Alice Bradley, MSc (2003)
  • Nicholas Dunn, MSc (Hons) (2003)
  • Jane Goodman, MSc (Hons) (2002)
  • Rachel McNabb, MSc (Hons) (2002)
  • Christopher Bell, MSc (2001)
  • Bruce Digby, MSc (2001)
  • Marty Bonnett, MSc (2000)
  • Kelly Drinnan, MSc (Hons) (2000)
  • Shellie McMurtie, MSc (Hons) (2000)