Joanna Green

Studying towards a PhD in Biological Sciences
Location: Julius von Haast 328
Country of origin: Alaska, USA
“Fail forward! It's only a loss if you don’t learn from errors.”


Primary Supervisor: Ian Dickie

Research Interests

I enjoy big picture questions and seeing how many different factors contribute to what is visible.  I particularly like how the smallest things can have the largest impacts. My current research investigates the links between past plant communities and future vegetation, focusing on the effects of invasive pine legacies in the soil.

Working thesis title

Drivers and consequences of reciprocal ecosystem legacies of invasive pines and exotic grasses.

Personal Interests

I love hiking and going for runs with my partner and our dogs. Also active in yoga, gym, and dance (modern, fusion, tribal).  I also love a good book and read a wide range.