Francois Thoral

Studying towards a PhD in Biological Sciences
Location: Julius von Haast 238
Country of origin: France


Primary Supervisor: David Schiel

Research Interests

I am interested in using new technology such as satellite and drone imagery in marine ecology. My project focus on determining the coastal water clarity using satellite measurements and how we can relate its change to the dynamics of the very valuable kelp forests. Identifying critical thresholds of light using this remote sensing approach is promising and will be key to maintain the ecosystem services that the kelp forests systems provide us.

Working thesis title

Integrating broad and local-scale remote sensing to examine links between the coastal light environmental and biological communities.

Personal Interests

If you can't find me in the lab, that's surely because I'm enjoying the outdoors. You can find me most of the time along the coast surfing or snorkelling. If I'm not there as well, you probably should try by the mountains where I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding or camping.

Personal webpage: