Daniel Mak

Studying towards a PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Location: Julius von Haast 622
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“Developing novel capillaric microfluidic assay platforms for the wine industry to increase productivity and efficiency.”


Primary Supervisor: Volker Nock
Co-Supervisor: Renwick Dobson

Research Interests

I am mixing the design aspects of Chemical and Process Engineering with the fabrication techniques and technology of Electrical Engineering and apply them to Biological applications. Specifically, my PhD is working on new ways to analyse wine, attempting to optimise time and cost aspects. I am using microfluidics to perform complex laboratory operations on a chip that can fit in your hand (Lab on a Chip). This will allow wine makers to analyse wine in the field and factory floor, rather than the costly practice of sending samples away to labs for analysis. 

I am also interested in computational applications in Biology. During my Chemical and Process Engineering Degree I researched the computational evolution of bacteria. Prior to my PhD I have worked on creating a website for modelling enzyme kinetics data, for the purpose of both teaching and research.

Working thesis title

Development of novel capillary microfluidic assays for the wine industry

Academic History

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Chemical and Process Engineering