Study at Gateway Antarctica

researcher being followed by a line of emperor penguins, Antarctica

We offer a selection of postgraduate qualifications in Antarctic Studies including the limited entry Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies – the only programme in the world that provides students with the real-world experience of undertaking Antarctic research in Antarctica.

While you cannot major or minor in Antarctic Studies as an undergraduate student, you can take courses in the subject as part of any degree. The courses are a good addition to any Science degree and complement all majors. We also offer a popular online summer course for those with a thirst for Antarctic knowledge.

Apply for postgraduate study at Gateway Antarctica

Complete an online application for the Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies or Master of Antarctic Studies

Watch: ANTA 101

Get the rundown on ANTA 101 – our 6-week summer school introduction to Antarctic Studies.

Watch: Summer on the ice

View footage from PCAS students on location in Antarctica.