PCAS past student reports

As part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies students complete several reports, both individually and as a group. These reports are shown by year under the links below and some may be accessed here (with permission given by the student). Note that this programme was formerly the Graduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies (GCAS).

Literature Reviews

Student nameReview title
Claire Chambers Alien invasions of the Antarctic mainland: current knowledge and lessons from the wider Antarctic region and beyond
Jo Eason Accurate measurement of the reforming of the ozone layer above Antarctica
Belinda Harding Protected area management:
a framework for managing cumulative impacts in the Antarctic
Rachel Innes Antarctic lithodids (King Crabs): climate change and threats to Antarctic marine ecosystems
Laetitia Laubscher How successful is CCAMLR in meeting its objective in the Southern Ocean?
Jonny Martin Do Antarctic specially protected areas provide further entrenchment of a sovereign claim?
Peter Morten Reducing New Zealand’s Antarctic carbon-based fuel usage
Madalyn Riley The winners and losers of climate change: a case of the Gentoo penguins and Adelie penguins
Emily Robinson The effectiveness of the Environmental Impact Assessment process in Antarctica
Ellen Sima Antarctic poetry: theme, criticism and analysis
Richard Skinner Astronomy in Antarctica, current projects, future goals and challenges
Kathryn Strachan Approaches to wilderness and aesthetic values in a domestic and international context
Morag Turnbull The role of ice shelves in Antarctica, ice shelf variation across Antarctica and the mechanisms behind ice retreat
Jeff Turner The evolution unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), emerging policy challenges and future UAV use in Antarctica
Toni Wi Fisheries management and ecosystem monitoring in the Southern Ocean
Chen Xu Organizational tendency of Antarctic Treaty System:
a perspective of International Law
Student nameProject title
Cameron Asher Moss and Lichen as Atmospheric Biomonitors of Anthropogenic Contamination in the Antarctic: A Review
Mark Brabyn Have Southern Ocean whale populations recovered from the intense whaling of the last century and what is the future of these populations?
Hanna Brundin Prince Harry and other surface issues: Antarctic issues in UK and US newspapers
Stephanie de Hamel Antarctica and manned missions to Mars:
Antarctica as a natural field study for psychological changes in an isolated and confined environment (ICE)
Sophie Dobson Management and Disposal of Anthropogenic wastes and its Effects on the Antarctic Environment
Wills Dobson What are the limiting survival factors of microbial life in continental terrestrial Antarctica?
Karri Hartley Plants on the edge: How will Antarctic mosses respond to global environmental change?
Heather Kiley Climate change effects and the future for Antarctic krill
Lydia McLean The effects of climate change on Ross Sea primary production and flow on effects to food webs
Russell Miles Fiddling While Antarctica Melts? Debates about Antarctica’s Role in Sea Level Rise and Implications for Policy Responses
Mary Patterson Aviation accidents in Antarctica - A review of literature and examination of dimensions
Errin Rowan The Potential Hazard of Antarctic Ice Shelf Carving in New Zealand Territorial Waters
Briar Schwalger-Smith Southern Ocean acidification and the effect on pteropods and krill
Jodie Tersteeg Human impacts on breeding success of Antarctic penguins: A review
Beth Vanderhaven To whale or not to whale, that is the question
Student nameProject title
Nicole Calder-Steele Electricity in isolation: the progress of power generation in Antarctica
Josie Hawkey Mapping the end of the world - technology and Antarctic cartography
Kathy Hogarth Measuring snow accumulation using ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
Richard Kennedy The values of the Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni)
Nicky McArthur Tourism in Antarctica: finding a balance for the future
Jessie McEldowney A review of genetic differentiation of a population of Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii) in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Llara MacGilloway ANDRILL: has it accomplished all it set out to achieve?
Jacinta McKenzie Analysis of whether the Sea Shepherds are making a significant contribution to saving their clients of various animals, focusing on whales
Melissa McLauchlan How many accidents are too many accidents? Tourism safety in Antarctica
Lesley McTurk Captain Scott's image: charting a century of change
Polly Miller How have Antarctic explorers from the Heroic Age shaped our understanding of leadership, and what links can be drawn between the historical accounts relating to Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen and more recent Antarctic exploration, and the literature focused on strategies to develop our leaders today?
Kathleey Smiley Diet of Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae): past, present and future
Peter Talbot Do the benefits of using fuel cells as a power source in Antarctica justify overcoming the challenges that remain in constructing and operating them there?
Student nameProject title
Kate Beer Threats to albatross conservation management and the creation of the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP)
Robert Brears Harvesting of Antarctic icebergs: Melted dreams?
Lacey Briars Surviving the Ice: A critical review of cold tolerance strategies in Antarctic nematodes
Aurora Christensen Antarctic Cruise Ship Tourism
Julian Evans Progressing the nature of interpretation: Absence, Blankness, Hope?
How does our changing understanding of the natural world and technology influence the musical interpretation of the continent?
Daniel Faber Meteorite concentration mechanisms in Antarctica
Jessie Herbert A Synthesis of Analytical Methods Applied to Sediment Cores from the ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project.
Timothy Jones The inadvertent introduction of non-native species to Antarctica.
Emma McFadyen Antarctic Future – Education Learning about Antarctica in the 21st Century. A review of selected education resources available to primary teachers.
Alex Moffat-Wood ‘This mystery and nightmare of imagination’: A review of the use of spirits, ghosts, and aliens in Antarctic imaginative writing.
Samantha Raines Diseases of Antarctic Birds
James Roberts Flexibility, Ambiguity and the Construction of the Antarctic Treaty System
Gabriela Roldan Changes in the contributions of Women to Antarctic National Programmes
Nianqi (Petra) Tang Astronomy within Antarctica. The past and the present
Tessa Williams The Future of the Antarctic Ozone Hole
Daniel Wilson The third-quarter phenomenon in Antarctic personnel
Student nameProject title
Tom Clarkin Alien Species Introduction in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
Jessika Dahlenburg Role and Removal of Huskies in Antarctica
Jasmine Hodgson Responses of Antarctic Penguins to the Effects of Climate Change
Celia Madden Developments in the Research and Testing of Clothing Worn in Polar Environments between 1960 and 2008
Chris McKenzie The Past is the Key to the Future - How will West Antarctica Ice sheet respond to the current climatic warming?
Henry Redmond The Literature of the Antarctic Heritage Trust and the Mawson’s Huts Foundation
Nigel Scott Global linkages and influences – The Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the Thermohaline Conveyor Belt
Kim Stephen Greening of the Antarctic Peninsula. CO2 Fertilisation effect on Antarctica vascular plants
Matthias (Matt) Wagner Penetration of subglacial Lake Vostok through the existing holes - a good idea?
Daniel Wainwright From creation to destruction: The rapid deterioration of the Larsen-B and Wilkins Ice Shelves
Zhang Xin Be careful, Here is Antarctica - the statistics and analysis of the
grave accidents in Antarctica
Student nameProject title
Martina Armstrong West Antarctica Ice Streams – A Review of the Proposed Mechanisms of Ice Streaming.
Annette Bombosch Euphausia Superba or Salpa Thompsoni – Who is going to win?
Sarah Bouckoms Disabled Travellers to Antarctica.
Anne-Marie Brady China’s Antarctica: A review of contemporary perspectives on China’s Antarctic activities.
Philipp Emnet Heavy metals: A heavy burden on the icy continent.
Andrew Given Population dynamics of Antarctica and sub-Antarctica Penguin species.
Elizabeth Holland Alien Continent: Representations of Antarctica in Film.
Melissa Idiens An Economic Incentive: Addressing the Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported activity that plagues the Patagonian Tooth fishing industry.
Belinda Jones Krill in an increasingly valuable commodity that has untapped biomass in the Southern Ocean. A review of biomass considerations when setting fishing quotas will be detailed taking into account other significant food web species such as the Antarctic silverfish.
Marion Laird Global warming and its effects on Eastern Antarctica.
Lorna Little The Southern Ocean and the Patagonian Toothfish.
Sinead Martin Expressing Antarctica: A review of Antarctic Inspired Poetry by Sinead Martin.
Gregory O’Brien Contemporary debates on tourism in the Antarctic.
Sergey Tarasenko Environmental impact assessment in Antarctica: application of the “minor or transitory impact” criterion.
Laura Taylor Impact of the Madrid Protocol on the Environment of Deception Island.
Michael Tubby A History of Problem Solving: Evolutionary Trends in Adaptation and Specialisation of Antarctic Vertebrates.
Student nameProject title
Matthias Danninger Large Scale Scientific Research in Antarctica. Optimistic targets versus environmental impact.
Jane Ellis Shackleton's Leadership skills as seen on the Nimrod expedition, and the achievements of the Nimrod expedition 1907-09.
Theresa Ho Review of the Optical Properties of ice particles in Antarctica.
Anne Hunter The acute abdomen in Antarctica – a review of diagnosis and treatment since 1899.
Gareth Jack Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.
Nikolai Kruetzmann The Development and possible recovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole.
Ella Lawton Flags of Convenience: Legal issues in relation to fishing the Southern Ocean.
Hanna Leisti Private expedition incidents in the Press.
Bryan Lintott Heritage Tourism on Ross Island: Developments since the mid nineteen-nineties to the present and future prospects.
James Mason The Antarctic Circumpolar Ocean Current. A review of its influence on global ocean currents and climate within Antarctica and Europe.
Alison McKellar Exploration, Exploitation, Science and Tourism: A review of how conservation of Antarctica has changed since the 1900's.
Timothy Ridley Global climate change and the Antarctic Treaty system since 2000.
Sarah Rynbeck A comparison of survival strategies in the extreme environment.
Sam Taylor The trophic significance of Krill in the Southern Ocean Ecosystem.
Maria Temminghoff Krill fisheries in the Southern Ocean.
Pam Tibble A polar stay keeps the doctor away: a consideration of the physiological and psychological effects of wintering over in Antarctica.
Student nameProject title
Kylie Beruldsen A review of children's historical non-fiction narratives on Antarctic explorers.
Holly Carter The expanding population of fur seals coming onshore Antarctica's Signy Island: ecological impacts and implications for environmental management.
David Fortune The mails and stamps of Ross Dependency: up until the closure of the Scott Base Post Office in 1987
Myfanwy Godfrey Cenozoic rifting in Antarctica: with a focus on the West Antarctic Rift System.
Katrina Gousmett Physiology of the Weddell Seal.
Stephen Hicks The Antarctic Treaty: should we fear for its future?
Christina Hood New Zealand 's Antarctic Policies 1958/59.
Stefan Kowalewski 2002 – An unusual major stratospheric warming over the Antarctic.
Machiel Lamers The environmental impacts of tourism in Antarctica: increasing complexity and global challenges.
Anna Mason A Review of waste management in the Antarctic.
Rachael Mead A critical examination of the representation of Antarctic wilderness in poetry.
Nadine Newton Habituation of penguins in high traffic tourist destinations and scientific research areas – causes and effects.
Jessy O'Reilly Spatial practices in Antarctic specially managed area management plans.
Tonya Smith A long winter: the parenting style of the Emperor Penguin.
Bex Thomson Regulation of the Antarctic tourism industry.
Student nameProject title
 Narelle Baker Gas (methane) hydrates in Antarctica: A review of research on gas hydrates in the Antarctic continental margin, 1975-2004
Linda Clarke Understanding New Zealand’s Antarctic Tourism Policy
Calie Cron A Historical Account & Biography of Frank Worsley (1877-1943)
David Brockett Antarctic Katabatic Winds
Chris Dolder Demise of the Protector of Seafarers – a review of the impact of pelagic longline fisheries on the status of the black-browed Albatross, Thalassarche melanophrys
Adrienne Fortune Fire Protection at Scott Base, Antarctica
Ruth Guy An overview of the history of Antarctic Krill research in the Southern Ocean in particular Euphausia Superba, and suggested directions for future research
Nicola Jackson Comparative Critique for the Dry Valley Drilling Project (DVDP) and the Antarctic Drilling Project (ANDRILL)
Elisabeth Jakowetz Women’s Changing Involvement in Antarctic National Programmes
Linda Lilburne Shrinks on Ice: a review of psychological research in Antarctica
Margaret Lindsay Cartography in Antarctica: Cook’s scientific mapping in 1772 to IGY Satellites of 1957-58
Simon Lo The Weddell seals and their physiological adaptation to deep diving
Katja Riedel Pictures of a Frozen World: The Photography of F. Hurley and H. Ponting in Antarctica
Joern Scherzer The Legitimacy of the Antarctic Treaty System
David Sickinger Emerging Technologies in Antarctica
Lucia Sala Simion Volcanoes of Marie Byrd Land
Catherine Tisch Is it really so bad? A review of positive experiences of personnel wintering over in Antarctica
Brent Wilson Seasonal Affective Disorder
Student nameProject title
Sherrie-Lee Evans The current status of cultural resource management in the Antarctic
Hamish McClatchy Measurement and modelling: Siple ice streams
Barrie Cook On the fingers of one hand: Social science research and the Antarctic
Olaf van der beek What are the recent influences on the physical construction of human habitat systems in Antarctica?
Jud Fretter A review of International conflict in Antarctica
Stefan Beaumont How long have the dry valleys been dry? A review on the landscape evolution history of the Dry Valleys, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica.
Astrid Jakob Mineral conflict in Antarctica during the 1980's: Convention on the regulation of Antarctic mineral resource activities (CRAMRA)
Waverly Parsons The Mt Erebus tragedy: Air New Zealand DC10-30 ZK-NZP, Flight NZ901
Nanette Schleich The tactics and methods used by environmental pressure groups, in particular Greenpeace International, in relation to the Antarctic.
Lesley Woudberg Bioprospecting in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica: a review of the issues and options
Neville Wright The Ross ice streams: a tale of piracy, bingeing and questionable stability
Wray Grimaldi Microbial considerations of Lake Vostok
Peter Fuchs Evolution of modern science in Antarctica
Mike Chilton Antarctica aviation: Accidents and safety policy
Lloyd Godson Ozone depletion and the effects of enhanced ultraviolet B radiation on Antarctica
Gareth Ward The ecological monitoring component of environmental impact assessment in Antarctica: a Review
Martin Hayes An overview of bio prospecting: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
Elise Grange Antarctic bases: Building materials, methods and design
Shona Muir The Deep Blue: a review of diving activities in Antarctica and the assorted risks
Rob Curtin The sustainable management of the Toothfish in the Southern Ocean
Student nameProject title
Mark Chin Antarctica: A Test Bed for Space Exploration 
Sarah Day Antarctic Sea Ice, Brine Channels and Biota: A Review
Bruno de Passille The McMurdo Dry Valleys streams and their relations with Dry Valleys Lakes
Jean de Pomereu Antarctica: A Religion?
Abigail Haverkamp The Heroic Age – A Background of Leadership Scott, Shackelton and Amundsen.
Nicola Jackson Preserving the Historic Huts of the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica with particular regard to Timber Deterioration Processes.
Fusae Kudo Origins and Evolution of Penguins
Stephanie Lawlor The Ecosystem approach used by CCAMLR to Sustainably manage the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Ecosystem
Genevieve Murrell Tourism and Science in Antarctica, who impacts the Environment?
Andrew Rae Dating of Soils in Antarctica and the evidence they provide towards the Sirus Formation Controversy
Nadia Rooney Antarctica’s Heroic Era: Transport to the South Pole
Emily Ross Origins of the Antarctic Treaty: 1908-1959
Caitriona Rush Outer Space, Inner Antarctica
Ricardo Salamanca Antarctic Tourism: A Critical Analysis of the Dangers and Benefits of an Expanding and Diversifying Activity.
Alina Siegfried A review of Volcanic activity at Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica
Ingrid Stirnemann Greenpeace and Antarctica
Gill Sutherland The Role of Aviation in Antarctica’s History – Liability or Legacy?
Melissa Weber The Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activity, the Continent for Politics
Ann Wood What’s in a name? The toponyms of Ross Island, Antarctica
Student nameProject title
Angrid Andres Keeping a distance to wildlife in the Antarctic: What brought about the recent changes in the Ross Sea region environmental code of conduct?
Mathew Bartholomew Nothafagus Paradoxius: A review of the hypotheses for Antarctic Ice Sheet behaviour during climate warming of the Pliocene
Sam Bridgman Global Perceptions of the Antarctic Treaty System
Roy Britten The history and development of protective clothing in Antarctica
Michael Chappell The stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Alan Creek The Antarctic Treaty System
Christine Elliott A review of rock weathering in Antarctica and its relationship to studies in the Northern Hemisphere
Tui Elliott Giant icebergs: A review of the recent calving of icebergs from the Ross Ice Shelf
Ellen Hampson Management models for Antarctic tourism
AJ Hay Minor Participants in Antarctica during the International Geophysical Year (1957 – 1958)
S. Miranda Huston Gone, but maybe not forever... The Huskies in Antarctica
Chandra Littlewood The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
Chris Muller Adaptations of Antarctic pinnipeds to their environment
Gabriel Ossenkamp The cycling of sulfur in Antarctic lakes
Megan Pearce-Haines Pioneering aviation in the Antarctic
Stephen Pilkington Sub-glacial lakes in Antarctica
Calum Revfem Antarctic futures: Tourism and the tipping point
Joyce Seale Antarctic futures: Tourism and the tipping point Joyce Seale Critical Review of Charles Hapgood’s interpretation of the Antarctic continent on the Piri Reis Map of 1513
Sarah Tammik The Subglacial Lake Vostok: To drill or not to drill?
Penny Walsh Keeping Warm: Energy sources for Scott Base
Student nameProject title
Paul Carran McMurdo Dry Valleys - evidence for climate change.
Lester Chaplow A review of the present whereabouts of Scott's party
Tamsin Falconer New Zealand policy on the Ross Dependency
Tui Foster Antarctica as a Provider of understanding of conditions on other planets
Michael Gemmell Brood reduction in penguins
Deborah Gill-Fox Long term temperature trend analysis in Antarctica
Jennifer Hoar Distribution and migration of krill populations in the Southern Ocean and the impact of environmental factors
Sarah Hodder The evolution of Antarctic weather instrumentation.
Graham Mackereth Prevention & management of unwanted organisms in Antarctic wildlife in the Ross Dependency
Tim Pearn How Antarctica is perceived as a landscape culturally, in both tangible and imaginary sense.
Clair Stafford Effects of identification methods and monitoring devices on Antarctic wildlife
Kathryn Yusoff Wilderness and aesthetic values in Antarctica.

Project Reports

Student nameProject title
Claire Chambers Prevention, monitoring and response strategies regarding alien invasions of continental Antarctica: their context, past experience, current procedures and recommendations for the future
Jo Eason Antarctica school units for Levels 3, 4 & 5
Belinda Harding Assessing cumulative impacts in the Antarctic under the Environmental Protocol - a missed opportunity?
Rachel Innes Environmental contamination and the legacy of human activity: mitigation, remediation and liability in the Antarctic
Laetitia Laubscher Antarcticans: a story of ordinary survival
Jonny Martin Antarctic climate change security
Peter Morten The evolution of New Zealand's Antarctic research since 1957
Madalyn Riley Determining the breeding phenology of Southern Giant Petrels on the Frazier Islands, East Antarctica, through automatic camera monitoring in 2011-15
Emily Robinson International scientific collaboration through the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
Ellen Sima Inside ice - Antarctica and climate change
Richard Skinner Hazardous substances in Antarctica
Kathryn Strachan Jurisdiction and enforcement in the Ross Dependency maritime areas
Morag Turnbull Comparison of high resolution ENVISAT global monitoring sea ice data to low resolution SSM/I sea ice concentrations in the Ross Sea
Jeff Turner Fossil fuel reliant energy in the production and consumption of resources at Scott Base
Toni Wi Antarctic marine biodiversity: challenges and future outlook
Chen Xu Southern Ocean international governance model: a perspective from fishery management
Student nameProject title
Marcus Arnold The Potential for Solar Power at Scott Base
Faye Richards Report on Greatest Risk of Non-native Species entering Antarctica, Plans of Identification and Eradication for Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies
Courtney Burn Can Fish of the Southern Ocean Handle Climate Change?
Emma Kelman Wildlife Colonies in the Ross Sea
Michael Knott Primary School Teaching Resource: The Threat of Antarctic Tourism
Nicholas Lowther Emerging Contaminants in the Antarctic - A Review
Bridget McNeill Antarctic Waste Management - Identifying Policies, Commitment and Practices
Clive Phillips Expanding Logistics Support to Science Programmes in Antarctica: Long Distance Traverse Capability Development Options for Antarctica New Zealand
Gail Route Teaching Resource: Journey of a Cup of Tea at Scott Base
Ben Schroeter Deriving Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness from Remote Sensing using Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm
Serena Schroeter Can SMOS Ocean Salinity Data Detect a Link Between Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice Extent and Freshwater Flux from Basal Melting of Antarctic ice shelves?
James Stone Antarctic Connections: Christchurch & Canterbury
Florence Thame An Introductory Guide to the Flora of Antarctica
Lorna Thurston A Pilot Framework and Gap Analysis Towards Developing a Fluvial Classification System in the Ross Sea Region
Hannah Udell The Future of Iron Fertilisation Experiments
Marcus Curie Assessment of Possible Incinerator Application at Scott Base -
Can Thermal Waste Treatment an Alternative Option Compare to the Current Waste Management
Student nameProject title
Cameron Asher Modelling Ash Fall and Debris Flow Hazards of Mt Erebus, Antarctica
Mark Brabyn Small Group Dynamics in Remote Field Camps of NZ and Antarctica
Hanna Brundin Antarctica - the Triumph of the Global Commons
Stephanie de Hamel Heavy Metal Concentrations in Feathers of the Adélie Penguin and the South-Polar Skua from Cape Royds, Ross Island
Sophie Dobson A Look at National Antarctic Programs Practical Implementation of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty
Wills Dobson What on Earth Could Live on Mars?
Karri Hartley Extreme Life and Robots on Ice: Antarctica as an Astrobiology Analogue
Heather Kiley Do You See What I See? Using Visual Framing to Support the Protection and Preservation of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
Lydia McLean An eBook entitled “Breaking the Ice – Climate change in Antarctica” and accompanying justification, “How to most effectively communicate climate change in Antarctica through an eBook”
Russell Miles Fortunes and Future of an Idea: The Designation of Antarctica as a World Park
Mary Patterson A review of the Health and Safety data from British Antarctica Survey (BAS) and Antarctica NZ (ANZ). The development of the Quick Stretching Guide (QSG) as an injury prevention strategy
Errin Rowan A Review of the Remote Sensing Techniques used in the Monitoring of Ice Calving in Antarctica
Briar Schwalger-Smith The Deep South
Jodie Tersteeg Using Informal Online Resources to Investigate the Impacts and Benefits of Adventure Tourism on Antarctica
Beth Vanderhaven Climate Change Direct Effects on Antarctic Fish and Indirect Effects on Ecosystems and Fisheries Management
Student nameProject title
Tom Clarkin Using GIS to Identify Potential Environmental Impacts Resulting from Tourist Activities in Antarctica
Jessika Dahlenburg The Environmental Impact of Scott Base in Antarctica
Jasmine Hodgson A typical season in Ryder Bay, West Antarctic Peninsula
Celia Madden Antarctic Fish Adaptations
Chris McKenzie Weather Forecasting Accuracy Ross Island, Antarctica
Henry Redmond The Future History of the Antarctic Treaty
Nigel Scott Does the commercial fishing of Antarctic toothfish have a future? A critical assessment from a Ngai Tahu tikanga perspective
Kim Stephen DEEP FREEZE 60. Reliability of Carbon Dioxide data.
Analysing the South Pole Carbon Dioxide readings during 1963-1966.
Matthias (Matt) Wagner Energy Audit for Field Camp K220
Daniel Wainwright Ice Shelf Grounding Zone Detection by use of Near Polar Orbiting Satellites
Zhang Xin Progress on the Remote Sensing application of MODIS in Antarctica
Student nameProject title
Martina Armstrong Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) determined surface-wave velocity profile and its relation to observation of the near-surface polar firn layers.
Annette Bombosch Marine Biology in Antarctica: Then and Now.
Sarah Bouckoms Energy Simulation and Reconstruction in String 63 for the IceCube Neutrino Detector.
Anne-Marie Brady China’s Rise in Antarctica.
Philipp Emnet The Interplay of Gaseous Chemical Species and the extent of the Ozone Hole.
Andrew Given The South Polar Skua (Gatharacta maccormicki): A study of past research and future opportunity.
Elizabeth Holland New Zealand’s Antarctic Bilateral Diplomacy.
Melissa Idiens Commercial Appeal: How state and capitalist sector involvement in Antarctica is mutually-reinforcing New Zealand’s Antarctic identity component.
Belinda Jones Updating Antarctica New Zealand’s Critical Incident Management Systems (CIMS) to include the scenario of the death of a staff member in the Ross Sea Dependency.
Marion Laird Provenance Analysis of the Leap Year Group, Northern Victoria Land, East Antarctica.
Lorna Little Lichen Life in Antarctica: A review on growth and environmental adaptation of Lichens.
Sinead Martin Penguins don’t have pockets: Investigating potential alternative funding for Gateway Antarctica.
Gregory O’Brien Towards an Antarctic Tourism Policy: a framework for policy analysts.
Sergey Tarasenko Wastewater Treatment in Antarctica.
Laura Taylor Communicating Gateway Identity.
Student nameProject title
Kylie Beruldsen Antarctic Resource Box – Teacher's Guide: An International Polar Year Resource for South Australia – South East Middle Primary Teachers and Students.
Holly Carter Antarctica and the Martian Analogy
David Fortune Gondwana Project for Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Myfanwy Godfrey The Cost of Science: Do the benefits of Science outweigh the Environmental Impact of continuing Science Programs in Antarctica?
Katrina Gousmett Environmental Impact Assessment in Antarctica
Stephen Hicks T.A.E - The Last Great Journey of Antarctic Exploration ‘Before the Tractors Rolled'
Christina Hood A Case Study in Solar Thermal Energy Use in Antarctica: Melting Snow for Drinking Water at Field Camps
Stefan Kowalewski Meteoric impact on the atmosphere: Implications on chemistry and cloud formation.
Machiel Lamers Permanent land based tourism in Antarctica:
Nightmare on the horizon or unfeasible?
Anna Mason An Investigation into Fuel Utilisation and Energy Generation in Antarctica
Nadine Newton Natural Foraging and Breeding Behaviours of the Little Blue Penguin Eudyptula minor Including Recommendations for a Captive Population.
Jessy O'Reilly Environmental Practices Among Antarctic Scientists: Ethnographic Histories 1963 - 2005
Tonya Smith Who should Govern the Antarctic? The Antarctic Treaty System versus the United Nations
Bex Thomson Chill Factor – a game
Student nameProject title
Renne Baldwin Science Teaching Resource Kit.
Matthias Danninger Real Data tests of the IceCube verification software incl. Installation guide for Ice Ver V00-02-06.
Jane Ellis Shackleton's Connection with Canterbury 1901-1917
Theresa Ho Ocular Damage in the Dry Antarctic Environment
A Preliminary Study on Corneal Changes
Anne Hunter Insights into the second voyage of the Terra Nova, British Antarctic expedition, 1910-13, from the diary of the A.B. William McDonald.
Gareth Jack Hydroponic Food Production at Scott Base
Nikolai Kruetzmann Antarctic Dosimetry: A preliminary study of background radiation levels at high latitude.
Ella Lawton Sustainable Development in Antarctic: Does the shoe fit?
Hanna Leisti Investigating ice shelf dynamics using SAR interferometry.
Bryan Lintott Antarctic Monumentalism.
James Mason Photovoltaic Energy at South Pole Station.
Alison McKellar Nest site selection and egg laying behaviour in seabirds.
Timothy Ridley The European Union and the convention on the conservation of Antarctic marine living resources.
Sarah Rynbeck Myoglobin expression in notothenioid ancestor Bovichtus variegatus suggests loss is not cold adaptive.
Sam Taylor Food in the Field: a Nutritional Analysis of New Zealand's Antarctic Field Rations.
Maria Temminghoff Global Warming Effects on Antarctic Ecosystems with Special Reference to Consequences for the Krill Dependant Penguins, Fur seals and whales.
Pam Tibble Environmental Impact Assessment in Antarctica: An investigation into the issues leading to variations in the performance by principal investigators from that which they intended.
Student nameProject title
Adie Fortune Biosecurity in Antarctica
Anna Cameron A Review of Specially Protected Areas in Antarctica with Particular Reference to Antarctic Specially Managed Areas
Brent Wilson The Branding of Antarctica
Catherine Tisch Evaluation of MM5 for simulating radiation and surface energy balance parameter observations at  Scott Base during 25th to 31st October 2003
Chris Dolder Effectiveness of accreditation as a tool for the regulation of mainstream Antarctic Tourism
David Sickinger Museum Exhibit Ideas for Virtual Antarctic Historic Hut Experience
Elisabeth Jakowetz Antarctica – a place to protect (CD)
Joern Scherzer The Policy Process of the European Union and the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
Katja Riedel  Tropospheric ozone depletion events and air mass origin at Arrival Heights (Antarctica)
Linda Clarke Antarctica in the Information Age: Consideration of the Exchange of Information Requirements of the Antarctic Treaty System
Linda Lilburne Statistical analysis of soil data from the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Lucia Sala Simion The EPICA Project at Dome C
Margaret Lindsay Team Selection in Antarctica
Narelle Baker Rotational Dynamics of B-15J: The 360-degree loops of a Ross Sea iceberg, October 2003-January 2005
Nicky Jackson 10 year Analysis of Environmental Footprint Photo Monitoring at Scott Base, Antarctica
Ruth Guy Teaching resource kit for level 5 Science: Adaptations of Antarctic fish
Simon Lo Feasibility Study: Adventure Semester in Antarctica, The University of Hong Kong
Tessa Beetham The Energy Cost of Antarctic Construction
Student nameProject title
Stefan Beaumont The development of a nature/leisure trail around Scott Base
Barrie Cook Heads turned south: A survey on New Zealand and the Antarctic
Mike Chilton Autonomous control of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in the Southern Ocean
Rob Curtin Leadership in the Antarctic
Jud Fretter In the Pawprints of Mrs Chippy. An Antarctic short story and its development: A work in progress
Peter Fuchs Antarctica – the Icy Fortress
Lloyd Godson Antarctica through their eyes
Elise Grange Scott Base – An Observation Analysis
Wray Grimaldi A look at the history of Antarctic clothing, from 1898 to the present and some thoughts toward the future
Martin Hayes Archival and development of resources from James Sisson’s Byrd second Antarctic Expedition
Astrid Jakob The cure for global climate change: Iron fertilization of the Southern Ocean. Is it a viable alternative?
Sherrie-Lee Evans Cultural heritage management and the role of Antarctica New Zealand
Hamish McClatchy Synthesis techniques and testing of frozen wood pulp in a feasibility study for the enhancement of iceberg strength
Shona Muir Valuing Antarctic gateways: An economic snap shot at Christchurch’s Antarctic connections
Waverley Parsons Antarctica to the people: An educational presentation series
Nanette Schleich Transmission of natural light through snow in Antarctica
Olaf van der Beek A wilderness experience: One person's experience of the Post Graduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies
Gareth Ward A review of the Antarctic protected area management planning requirements in Annex V and the IUCN/WCPA guidelines with particular reference to MOE island, New College Valley and Cape Evans
Lesley Woudberg “Punching above its weight” NZ’s role in promoting state of the environment reporting in the Antarctic
Neville Wright The lie of the land: GIS and the Ross Sea region
Student nameProject title
Mark Chin  Adsorption Studies of Adenine on the Murchison Meteorite at Various Temperatures and Concentrations
Sarah Day  Scott Base: how could it be different if built today …
Bruno de Passille  Mapping McMurdo Ice Shelf Ice Thickness
Jean de Pomereu  Ice Cube: A documentary Proposal
Abigail Haverkamp  Maori and Antarctica
Nicola Jackson  Heritage Conservation Planning in the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica
Fusae Kudo  Is it possible to resume commercial whaling of Minke Whales in the Southern Ocean?
Stephanie Lawlor  A Comparison of the Environmental Impact Assessment Processes of Antarctica New Zealand (New Zealand Antarctic Programme) and the Office of Polar Programmes (United States Antarctic Program)
Genevieve Murrell  A Resource Kit for Year 12 Geography, Natural Landscapes
Andrew Rae  Antarctic Maps and their Reason for Existence
Nadia Rooney  Packing items that are Bound for the Antarctic
Emily Ross  Field Waste Treatment Options for Antarctica New Zealand
Caitriona Rush  From Annascaul to Antarctica, Tom Crean – An indestructible Irishman
Ricardo Salamanca  Proposal of Recommendation of How to Increase the Cooperation Concerning Environmental Issues between Consultative Parties of the Antarctic Treaty
Alina Siegfried  Temporal and Spatial Variations of motion on the Siple Coast Ice Streams, West Antarctica
Ingrid Stirnemann Feasible and Viable Human Waste Alternatives for Cape Bird, Ross Island
Gill Sutherland Analysis of AWS Weather Data 1997 - 2001
Melissa Weber Antarctica: The Game of Credibility
Ann Wood Water Project
Emma Kallqvist Monitoring footsteps in the Ross Sea Region: Is it possible to monitor impacts from tourism in the Ross Sea region?
Student nameProject title
Vicky Baynes Search and Rescue of Non-Governmental Activity in Antarctica
Bron Bennetts Space to Place: The Cultural Landscape of Ross Island, Antarctica; A preliminary investigation
Lars Braybn Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications for the Victoria Land, Antarctic, Latitudinal Gradient Initiative
Mary-Camillus Dale Working Towards a Sustainable Urban Community
Jenny Easton Litter and the Terrestrial Impact of Scott Base
Vanessa Green Mountaineering in Antarctica: Its History and Future
Scott Henderson The Love of the Thing
Jenny Henshaw Destination Antarctica: A Meteorological Perspective on the Logistics of Air Transport to McMurdo Sound
Peter Hyde The Big Eye: First Experiences in Antarctica
Sarah Lowe Commercialisation: Not Necessarily a Default Future for Antarctica
Debs Martin The Antarctic: For Peaceful Purposes Only
Jana Newman The Influence of Dust and Emissions From Hut Point Peninsula on Nearby Snow and Ice Areas
Ceisha Poirot Volcanic Hazard Assessment of Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica
Belinda Pope Antarctic Perspectives as seen through the Camera
Jenny Ridgen The Contribution of Antarctic Ice to Sea Level Rise and Potential Consequences For Christchurch
Katie Rusbatch Liability for Environmental Damage in the Antarctic
Victoria Salem Project Antarctica
Jessica Seo Introduction and Extension of Antarctic Studies into the Korean School Curriculum
Sam Turner Antarctic Ice Forms: Three Art Pieces
Richard Turvey Policy into Science: Business Lessons for Antarctica
Student nameProject title
Calum Revfem Developing useful environmental indicators to assess tourism impacts in the Ross Sea Region: A recommended approach
Christine Elliott Impact of surface colour on changes in the depth of the active layer
Ellen Hampson Antarctic ship-borne tourism – an analysis of the ‘Measure of Compliance’ of approvals, management plans, tour operator’s EIA, New Zealand legislation & the guidelines pertaining to tourists visiting the Ross Sea region, Antarctica
Ingrid Andres Endocrine disrupting compounds in the Antarctic: How man-made chemicals could put the continent’s future at risk
Sarah Tammik Visual expressions of the inner Antarctic journey
Alan Creek Information Technology in Antarctic Science
Chandra Littlewood Waste management in Antarctica: the impact of sewage disposal and available treatment options for Scott Base
Megan Pearce-Haines Harvesting Antarctic Icebergs: A source of Fresh Water?
Tui Elliott Antarctic adventures: A preliminary investigation into the personal implications of trips by adventurous New Zealanders to Antarctic, between the years 1956 and 2001.
Steve Pilkington Current energy use in NZ-administered field bases and possible alternative energy sources
Matt Bartholomew GCAS promotional and science videos
Sam Bridgeman The diversity of New Zealand’s activities in the Antarctic Region
Roy Britten An Antarctic snow temperature profile analysis
Michael Chappell Applications of Fractal Geometry and Chaos Theory in Antarctic Research
A.J Hay Recreational activities during the Antarctic Heroic Era
Miranda Huston Southern Ocean Whaling: Is there a need for a new treaty?
Chris Muller Documenting the effects of human-induced disturbance on a Weddell seal colony
Gabriel Ossenkamp Antarctic Wilderness – a door to yourself?
Joyce Seale Navigational instruments and methods for the Amundsen and Scott expeditions to the South Pole.
Penny Walsh Music from the Ice
Student nameProject title
Paul Carran Self assessment of environmental impacts for Antarctica New Zealand field parties
Lester Chaplow A review of the present whereabouts of Scott's party
Tamsin Falconer New Zealand policy on the Ross Dependency
Tui Foster Antarctica as a Provider of understanding of conditions on other planets
Michael Gemmel
Deborah Gill-Fox Long term temperature trend analysis in Antarctica
Jennifer Hoar
Sarah Hodder Scoping of suitable indicators for use in a State of the Environment Report - Antarctica
Graham Mackereth

Prevention & management of unwanted organisms in Antarctic wildlife in the Ross dependency

Timothy Pearn Creating a body of artworks in response to the landscape of Antarctica
Clair Stafford A review of human-animal interactions in Antarctica
Kathryn Yusoff The Visual Mapping of Antarctica

Syndicate Reports


Project Title

Regina Clery
Bob Frame
Rob Lindeman
Christine Scott 
Simon Stent

John Ahearn
Olivia Grover-Johnson
Tayele Kringen
Anna Miller
Chloe Power
Antarctic Sea Ice and Its Implications
Ashley Fletcher
Bjorn Battaerd
Franscesca Mills
Olivia Rees
Tasman Gillies
Antarctic Future Technologies
Students' namesProject title
Andrea Herbert

Janina Gillies

Karla Smith

Kay Holder

Personnel Selection and Training
Nita Sullivan

Olivia Pointon

Penny Crean

Rata Pryor Rodgers

Antarctic Specially Protected and Specially Managed Areas: How Effective is the Current System?
Alison Glenny

Stuart Grayson

KyungHo Lee

Tom Lord

A Roadmap for Antarctic Science: Assessing the Effectiveness of the Antarctic Roadmap Challenges
Zach Butters

Anna Cox

Peggy Cunningham-Hales

Nicolette Marks

Tourism in Antarctica: Exploring the future challenges of regulating the Deep South
Students' namesProject title
Richard Skinner
Jeff Turner
Madi Riley
Jonny Martin
Antarctica and climate change
Belinda Harding
Kathryn Strachan
Rachel Innes
The utility of inspections
Claire Chambers
Ellen Sima
Laetitia Laubscher
Morag Turnbull
Xu Chen
Gateway cities
Jo Eason
Peter Morten
Emily Robinson
Toni Wi
The value of Antarctic research
Students' namesProject title
Marcus Arnold
Emma Kelman
Nick Lowther
Serena Schroeter
Communicating Antarctic Climate Science
Michael Knott
Bridget McNeill
Lorna Thurston
Hannah Udell
Antarctic Futures: Governance, Scientific Expeditions, Commercial Tourism, Resource Exploitation and Climate Change
Ben Schroeter
Clive Phillips
James Stone
Marcus Curie
Antarctic Infrastructure - Co-operation, Challenges and Opportunities
Courtney Burn
Faye Richards
Gail Route
Florence Thame
The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Horizon Scan
Students' namesProject title
Briar Schwalger-Smith
Karri Hartley
Wills Dobson
Antarctic Science as a National Priority
Cameron Asher
Sophie Dobson
Errin Rowan
Beth Vanderhaven
Invasive Species in the Antarctic
Stephanie de Hamel
Heather Kiley
Lydia Mclean
Jodie Tersteeg
Fishing for Answers: MPAs and Decision Making in CCAMLR
Mark Brabyn
Hannah Brundin
Russell Miles
Mary Patterson
The Future of the Antarctic Treaty System: Forging Ahead Balancing Perspectives, Keeping Peace, Evolving for the Future
Students' namesProject title
Jacinta McKenzie
Jessie McEldowney
Peter Talbot
Antarctica's cultural heritage
Nicole Calder-Steele
Kathy Hogarth
Nicky McArthur
Lesley McTurk
Consultative party status and alternative governance systems in the Antarctic
Josie Hawkey
Richard Kennedy
Llara MacGilloway
Polly Miller
Kathleen Smiley
Marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean
Students' namesProject title
Pip Cameron
Robyn Columbus
Hanne Nielsen
Peter Wilson
Are the SCAR/COMNAP guidelines effective in monitoring the impacts of human activites on the Antarctic environment?
Christel Domaas
Penny Mauriohooho
Carbon emissions in Antarctica
Bob Maxwell
Darcy Broughton
John Rogers
Wells Weymouth
Ethics of subglacial lake exploration in Antarctica
Cheng-Yu Chiang
Sue Ferrar
Chanel Furborough
Ruth Watson
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em: Malaysia's accession to the ATS
Students' namesProject title
Samantha Raines
Jamie Roberts
Petra Tang
Tessa Williams
A conceptual approach to climate change and ecosystem management in Antarctica
Kate Beer
Robert Brears
Lacey Briars
Gabriela Roldan
A pragmatic utopia: should the Ross Sea be designated a Marine Protected Area?
Aurora Christensen
Daniel Faber
Jessie Herbert
Tim Jones
Tourism in Antarctica: a numbers game
Julian Evans
Emma McFadyen
Alex Moffat-Wood
Daniel Wilson
Valuing Antarctica: the imposition of human values on Antarctica
Students' namesProject title
Thomas Clarkin
Henry Redmond
Chrissie Williams
Nigel Scott
Antarctic Specially Protected Areas - ARE THEY SERVING THE ANTARCTIC WELL?
Chris McKenzie
Kim Stephen
Zhang Xin
Matthias Wagner
Daniel Wainwright
Windmills in Antarctica
Jessika Dahlenburg
Jasmine Hodgson
Celia Madden
Eleanor Toland
Cessation of Whaling in Antarctic Waters - A Case for Regulation under the Antarctic Treaty
Students' namesProject title
Philipp Emnet
Andrew Given
Martina Armstrong
Sarah Bouckoms
Antarctica Subglacial Lakes The Race to the Bottom
Annette Bombosch
Islay Laird
Lorna Little
Michael Tubby
Challenges of the Southern Ocean - "The Antarctic Beyond the Continent".
Melissa Idiens
Belinda Jones
Sinead Martin
Greg O'Brien
"The White Book" and Beyond: A look at the achievements of the ATS over the past 50 years, and what achievements we might expect over the next 50 years.
Anne-Marie Brady
Elizabeth Holland
Sergey Tarasenko
Laura Taylor
Emerging/ Developing Country Investment in Antarctica: What's behind their interests and/or engagement in Antarctica?
Students' namesProject title
David Balham
Andrew Phillips
Chiu-Pih Tan
Fiona Wills
Antarctica: A continent for peace and science?
Nicholas Carson
Scott Davidson
Natalie Pilcher
Robyn Woollands
A Rationalisation of Antarctic Bases: Desirable and Achievable?
Ana Pallesen
Jessica Ericson
Holly Winton
Andrea Steel
Marine Protected Areas
Peter McCarthy
Turi McFarlane
Rebecca Logan
Andrew Atkin
Communicating Antarctic Science
Students' namesProject title
Theresa Ho
James Mason
Samuel Taylor
Pam Tibble
Funding for Scientific Research in the Antarctic: How can we best achieve value for money?
Alison McKellar
Bryan Lintott
Hanna Leisti
Renee Baldwin
The Committee for Environmental Protection: How effective has this body been and what are the key issues moving forward?
Maria Temminghoff
Nikolai Kruetzmann
Matthias Danninger
Ella Lawton
Sarah Rynbeck
Minerals under Ice: How far do we go to utilize Antarctic resources?
Anne Hunter
Jane Ellis
Tim Ridley
Gareth Jack
Defining and valuing wilderness in Antarctica
Students' namesProject title
Kylie Beruldsen
Holly Carter
Myfanwy Godfrey
Tonya Smith
The Re-emergence of the Krill Harvesting Industry
Katrina Gousmett
Christina Hood
Machiel Lamers
Jessica O’Reilly
Antarctic Bio-security
Stefan Kowalewski
Anna Mason
Nadine Newton
Antarctica in the Year 2105: What physical changes might we expect?
Bex Thomson
David Fortune
Stephen Hicks
A Big Commitment for a Small Country: Is Scott Base Necessary?
Students' namesProject title
David Brockett
Linda Clarke
Margaret Lindsay
Jorn Scherzer
Brent Wilson
Consensus in the Antarctic Treaty System: Does a consensus voting system make good sense today within the Antarctic Treaty System?
Calie Cron
Adie Fortune
Ruth Guy
Linda Liliburne
Lucia Simion
Policing Antarctica
Narelle Baker
Anna Cameron
Chris Dolder
Nicky Jackson
Catherine Tisch
How do we reduce the human footprint on Antarctica?
Tessa Beetham
Elisabeth Jakowetz
Simon Lo
Katja Riedel
David Sickinger
Raising the bar for an International Polar Year 2007 – 2008: How much will this IPY raise the bar compared to IGY?
Students' namesProject title
Stefan Beaumont
Mike Chilton
Lloyd Godson
Neville Wright
Olaf van der Beek
The South Pole Route; a Necessity or a Scar on the Landscape?
Barrie Cook
Judith Fretter
Shona Muir
Waverly Parsons
Lesley Woudberg
Antarctic Drivers: What Motivates New Zealand’s Involvement in the Antarctic?
Sherrie-Lee Evans
Peter Fuchs
Elise Grange
Wray Grimaldi
Gareth Ward
Historic Huts; Remove, Repair or Restore?
Rob Curtin
Martin Hayes
Astrid Jakob
Hamish McClatchy
Nanette Schleich
Resources in Antarctica: With the World’s dwindling natural resources, is there a chance for exploitation in Antarctica?
Students' namesProject title
Stephanie Lawlor
Andrew Rae
Emily Ross
Ingrid Stirnemann
Exclusive Economic Zones: Should they be allowed in Antarctic waters?
Mark Chin
Bruno de Passille
Jean de Pomereu
Gill Sutherland
Melissa Weber
The Madrid Protocol on Environmental Protection: is it an effective tool?
Abby Haverkamp
Alina Siegfried
Genevieve Murrell
Nadia Rooney
Ricardo Salamaca
Accidents in Antarctica
Sarah Day
Nicola Jackson
Fusae Kudo
Caitriona Rush
Ann Wood
Bioprospecting in Antarctica: is it a legitimate commercial activity?
Students' namesProject title
Bron Bennetts
Lars Brabyn
Jenny Easton
Katie Rusbatch
Victoria Salem
The Bigger The Ship The Bigger The Mess: Large Ship Tourism in the Antarctic: A Recommendation
Vicky Baynes
Debs Martin
Mary-Camillus Dale
Jenny Ridgen
Sam Turner
Square Peg Round Hole: A Study of Non Governmental Organisations’ Participation in the Antarctic Treaty System
Jana Newman
Jenny Henshaw
Jessica Seo
Peter Hyde
Richard Turvey
Human Impact on the Antarctic Environment: Minimising the Risk to the Unique Environment of Sub-glacial Lakes
Sarah Lowe
Belinda Pope
Ceisha Poirot
Vanessa Green
Scott Henderson
The Elimination of IUU Fishing in the Southern Ocean
Students' namesProject title
Tamsin Falconer
Tui Foster
Graham Mackereth
Humans and Antarctica: A Model for the World?
Tim Pearn
Deborah Gill-Fox
Michael Gemmell
Jenifer Hoar
Antarctica: Phantom of the Past or Canary in the Cage?
Paul Carran
Lester Chaplow
Sarah Hodder
Clair Stafford
Kathryn Yusoff
Antarctica: Does it differentiate bewtween the Tourist and the Scientist?
Students' namesProject title
Phil Weinstein
Nick Boniface
Joanne Bishop
Nicola Noble
Valerie Bichard
Antarctica – A Strategic Asset?
Natalie Cadenhead
Lindsay Johnston
Linda Kestle
Keryn Webb
Human Artefacts in Antarctica – Treasure to be Conserved or Junk to be Removed?
Kate Downer
Richard Reaney
Nigel Watson
Mariska Wouters
Antarctic Tourism – Where to Now?
Mark Gibson
David McKay
Jill Nicholls
Mark Paton
Emerging Fisheries – Threat or Opportunity?