About Gateway

Gateway Antarctica is the centre for Antarctic studies and research at UC. We offer three postgraduate programmes including the limited entry Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies which includes a field trip to the ice. Our four undergraduate courses (see below) are an interesting and popular addition to any degree.

The centre's work aims to enhance understanding of Antarctica in a global context, encourage responsible stewardship of the continent, manage human impact on the environment and develop solutions to contemporary issues involving Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Statement of purpose

Gateway Antarctica will contribute to increased understanding and more effective management of the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean by being a focal point and a catalyst for Antarctic scholarship, attracting national and international participation in collaborative research, analysis, learning and networking.


  • Research and consultancy
  • Education
  • Policy studies
  • Advocacy

Undergraduate courses

Introductory courses in Antarctica can be incorporated into a range of degrees as electives.

  • ANTA 102 Antarctica: The cold continent
  • ANTA 103 Antarctica: Life in the cold
  • ANTA 201 Antarctica and global change - Please note this course is not available in 2019

Summer course

We also offer an online summer course, ANTA 101 Antarctica.  Enrolments for this course will open in October. If you wish to take this course only and not credit it towards a degree, you should enrol in Certificate of Proficiency (Science).

Friends of Gateway Antarctica

The Gateway Antarctica Fund is a charitable trust which supports Antarctic research activities. Research can not rely solely on government grants and ad hoc funding. These are simply not enough to maintain quality research in Antarctic disciplines. There are growing challenges to the sustainability of the last great continent.

All donations over $5 qualify for tax rebates and will contribute to increased understanding of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. 

Options for giving include:

  • A one-off donation
  • A cash gift spread over a number of years
  • Including a bequest to the fund in your will
  • Donating articles of value such as property, art or shares
  • Assigning income from investments while keeping them in your name
  • Making an interest-free loan, which will be invested and only the interest used to support research.  At the end of the period, the capital is returned to you
  • Establishing a charitable trust in favour of Gateway Antarctica

For all information about supporting Gateway Antarctica and our activities please contact the centre.

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