Biosafety Assessment Tool

START!The Biosafety Assessment Tool (BAT) is an online resource for those identifying potential hazards and evaluating the risks of Genetically Modified/Engineered Organisms (GMOs/GEOs). The text and figures of the BAT are free for public use.

Why use the Biosafety Assessment Tool?

The BAT can be used to assist you evaluating the scientific documents that should accompany an application for development or release of any GMO, including Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) as required under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. Comprehensive science-based evaluations are required for GMOs in food, feed, agriculture or in the environment.

Who the BAT is for

The BAT has been developed for a broad range of users that are interested in assessing the safety data on GMOs, reporting on the safety of GMOs, or have official policy or decision maker roles in approving GMOs for use in food, feed or the environment.

It is intended to be accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike, and to assist users to identify relevant risk issues, evaluate technical information and develop responses to applications for formal governmental approval of GMOs.

The BAT was developed to simplify and accelerate the review of often highly technical information provided by developers seeking approvals and the large body of research in the specialist literature that is relevant to sound scientific decision-making. Citizens, scientists, media professionals and regulators are under considerable time stress to return opinions. The BAT was designed to help our audience make the best use of their time.

The Biosafety Forecast Service gratefully acknowledges support from the The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) and the University of Canterbury.