Data Science FAQs

Are there any subjects I need to study in year 13 to do the Data Science degree?

Subjects that will be helpful to study in Year 13 are calculus, and computer programming These courses sit at the core of the degree.

Do I need to know programming to do Data Science?

In your degree you will take a course that will teach Python and R programming in your first year, these are the two most common programming languages used by data scientists. While it is helpful to have some background in programming, it is not essential.

Is there a commerce or business major in the degree?

There is a Business Analytics major that focuses on data from areas such as accounting, marketing, and economics to help make better business decisions such as improving customer services and implementing growth strategies.

Are there good job opportunities with a degree in Data Science?

Yes, there is a huge demand for data science skills because data science combines skills and backgrounds in maths, stats, and advanced analytics, in order to get insight into big data sets.

Are there any SQL (joining or merging databases) courses within data science, or is there an elective course?

Some of the Computer Science compulsory courses will cover SQL, some other courses in Geographical Information Science (GISC) will also cover SQL.

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