UC Science Radio Season 2: Episode 4

Finn Ross: Capturing carbon with seaweed

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What if the perfect carbon sink is right under our noses?

Finn Ross is an honours student studying ecology. His research is about using seaweed to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. He won the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship 2019 Social Enterprise Challenge for his business plan based on his research called "The Seaweed Solution." Hear how it works in this episode of UC Science Radio.

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In this episode

0.56 [I’m] looking at how we can draw down a bunch of our emissions into the Southern Ocean, and mostly using seaweed at the moment.

2.34 these free-floating pyramids that grow the seaweed macrocystis… float around in the Southern Ocean up to eight months …and then, as a carbon capture, it all gets shot down to the deep ocean.

3.31 The demand for carbon credits really worldwide is exploding, so there's a bunch of different trading platforms you can sell your carbon credits on.

4.38 I came from quite an enterprising family and then also a very outdoorsy family, so it was sort of entrepreneurship and the environment and climate that I've always been really passionate about.

4.49 I've been involved in a few ventures over the last few years…

7.45 I was lucky enough to study in the States, and then South Africa, and then New Zealand. And the more I learnt… the more I realize that hey, this is something that really matters, and you know we've got to act pretty swiftly.

8.19 There's massive draw-down capacity in our ocean that's already happening, and I believe with further research, we can find ways to promote that.

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Finn Ross

Finn Ross is an Honours student at UC, studying Ecology and Biological Sciences. His research investigates the effectiveness of carbon dioxide capturing or sequestration using seaweed to help reverse climate change, building on his winning business plan ‘The Seaweed Solution’ in the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship 2019 Social Enterprise Challenge.

‘I am motivated by environmentalism through education. I enjoy the opportunity to work out in the field and contribute to meaningful research, where I understand the potential impact of being able to use what I learn to better our planet.’

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Molly Magid

Molly Magid

Molly Magid is an MSc student at UC. A recent graduate of Brown University, Molly is working on research in conservation genomics with Associate Professor Tammy Steeves from the School of Biological Sciences. Molly is passionate about finding ways to communicate science to the public in a clear, novel, and engaging ways. Most recently, Molly worked as the lead student producer on the podcast Possibly, which answers listener's questions about sustainability using relevant science research.