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We’re super excited to present our brand new podcast series, UC Science Radio! Join us as we explore topical issues and meet the people behind the science. Enjoy interviews with a range of scientists on the big issues facing our world and what science is doing to help.

Hosted by MSc student Molly Magid, the shows are interesting, challenging, entertaining and accessible. Listen in and learn something new!

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Designing cities for better health

Our first guest is Dr Simon Kingham, Professor in Geography at the School of Earth and Environment, and Chief Science Advisor for the Ministry of Transport.  Simon studies people and how we move around our towns and cities.

In this podcast Simon talks about the impact of city spaces on our mental health, why cycleways are thriving in Christchurch, and his role as Chief Science Advisor for the Ministry of Transport.

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Making sense of molecules

Structural chemist Associate Professor Sarah Masters, from the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, talks about her work as a 'molecular detective': she investigates how molecules behave, what they do, and how we can use them to create everything from new technologies and materials to life-saving vaccines.

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Episode 3: It's like Tinder...for birds!

Conservation geneticist, aka ‘genetic matchmaker’ Assoc Prof Tammy Steeves talks about finding the ideal mate for some of Aotearoa New Zealand's most endangered native species; and about how kindness is changing the way we do science - for the better.

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Episode 4: Rocking out with volcanoes

In this episode, award-winning educator, volcanologist and Associate Professor Ben Kennedy discusses his teaching methods and the interactive games he co-developed to engage students in science and technology through educated play. Dr Kennedy also talks about his research into volcanic eruptions and why it’s so hard to predict them.

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Episode 5: Ending our love affair with plastic

Lightweight, strong, waterproof – plastic is a wonder material, but it’s not so wonderful for nature. In this episode, environmental chemist Dr Sally Gaw explains what plastic is doing to our environment, where it’s ending up, and how we can fix the problem.

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Episode 6: Shedding light on dark matter

Dark matter makes up the majority of the universe but remains a mystery to science. In this episode, physicist Dr Chris Gordon shares his passion for the shadowy substance, and how studying the universe benefits us here on earth – like giving us WiFi and the World Wide Web.

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Watch this space for Episode 7!

We’ll be regularly updating this page with new podcasts. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to email us: scienceoutreach@canterbury.ac.nz or send us a message on our FacebookInstagram or Twitter. Thanks for listening!