Biosecurity Resources

Biosecurity student at desk doing research

This collection of online resources aims to increase awareness of biosecurity issues and build skills to help protect Aotearoa New Zealand's precious ecosystems.

  • Use the find a pest app to identify plants and animals in New Zealand.
  • Biosecurity activities or primary and secondary schools.
  • 4-6 minute videos about farm biosecurity from Plant Health Australia.
  • Be a pest detective! Use a key to id insect pests.
  • Top ten pests we do not want in NZ.
  • How do we control marine pests?
  • A free online course about the role of the Department of Conservation in biosecurity. There are examples of pest management, island biosecurity, short audio interviews and videos, a couple of very short quizzes about biosecurity actions and an example of how a pest new to NZ was eradicated.
  • Test yourself with this online myrtle rust learning module. Use a model to predict where myrtle rust will be found. Download the app or get involved in reporting through iNaturualist.
  • Registered teachers can access this LEARNZ resource on kauri dieback.
  • The Environmental Protection Authority and Curious Minds has 4 x1 hour videos about how eDNA can be used to find species in waterways e.g.introducing eDNA plus downloadable resources. It's been developed for schools, iwi and others who have received kits, but still useful!
  • Be a marine scientist with Spyfish Aotearoa. Join this citizen science project to identify and count fish captured by underwater cameras in marine reserves. Maybe you'll find a species new to NZ?
  • Resources for primary and secondary school teachers for future biosecurity guardians from a range of organisations.

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