Choose Science. Change the world.

A careers event like no other.

Thinking about studying science? Not sure where it can lead? Come along to our careers evening and find out where science can take you.

Date: Wednesday 26 May 2021
Location: University of Canterbury Ilam Campus
Time: TBA

Learn about degree options and campus life. Hear from some of our inspiring graduates and find out how they’ve turned their passions into successful careers with a science degree.

Meet our 2020 speakers

Kate Pedley_Choose Science

The MC: Kate Pedley

Meet Kate Pedley: 100 level Geological Sciences coordinator, full time teacher, field trip designer, active researcher, fault mapper and all-round passionate geologist. Kate’s dynamic and highly accomplished career spring-boarded from a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at UC, followed by a PhD in tectonics in 2010. Her current research topics include virtual fieldtrips and best-practice teacher training, and she is part of a team designing an Earth Science garden at UC. Kate is also an avid photographer and loves to use her images to spark peoples’ interest in the field. “I’m passionate about inspiring people into geology through my photographs.”

Nicholas Steyn_Choose Science

The Financial Engineer: Nicholas Steyn

With a head for numbers and a passion for doing good, Nic has tapped into opportunities on an exponential scale. He is currently employed as part of a research team working on COVID-19 modelling for government organisations. Nic says his degree at UC set him up brilliantly for success, as well as taking him to India and Asia where he gained invaluable life and work experience. “Taking a double major in Financial Engineering and Statistics at UC has been ideal. Employers look for strong quantitative skills, combined with an understanding of how to apply theoretical knowledge to real world problems.”

Toby Hendy_Choose Science

The Physics YouTuber: Toby Hendy

Toby has carved a unique professional niche for herself that combines her passion for science with her love for video making. Her YouTube channel, which explains physics in an accessible and fun way, has over 480,000 subscribers and 50 million views (check it out here). It all started with a UC science degree that combined physics, maths and astronomy and took her to science hotspots around the world, from NASA to SpaceX to the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawai’i. Topped off with an honours degree from the Australian National University, Toby shares her vast depth of knowledge in a way all earthlings can understand.

Finn Ross_Choose Science

The Environmental Entrepreneur: Finn Ross

Finn is studying for his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Ecology and Biological Sciences. As an entrepreneur and conservationist, Finn has already made amazing progress towards his goal of protecting the environment. He is founder of The Seaweed Solution, a business that aims to capture carbon using seaweed; director of Bomb Bucha, a kombucha company with a 200% carbon offset; and conservation manager at Lake Hāwea Station, where he manages the planting of 10,000 trees each year. “My upbringing in the outdoors has collided with my passion for leadership and learning. I want to educate myself to the highest level so I’m prepared to tackle global issues around sustainability.”

Daniel Watt_Choose Science

The Strategic Analyst: Daniel Watt

Daniel is a consultant at Sapere Research Group, a firm that provides strategic advisory and data analytics to private and public sector clients. He says he relishes the variety his job offers. “I’m never just working on one thing. I work across many different sectors and apply many different skills.” An expert in drawing different areas together, Daniel was inspired to study Economics and Computer Science at UC out of an interest in politics and gaming. Now focused on financial and economic analysis, Daniel solves the economic questions others can’t. “My ultimate goal is to work at the cutting edge of economics and computing.”

Helena Ruffell_Choose Science

The Investigator: Helena Ruffell

Currently working towards her PhD in Environmental Science, Helena’s goal is to protect the world we live in by tackling the issue at a micro level. Her PhD follows on from study in Biochemistry which provided the foundations for understanding human-environment interactions. “Biochemistry is the basis of life – everything is related to it. For us to survive, we need to be able to protect the absolute basics of how we live.” This sparked an interest in environmental pollution - which has led to her completing a MSc investigating if wastewater treatment plants are a significant source of microplastics to the environment, and her current PhD research investigating if microplastics affect productive soil systems.

Emily Arps_Choose Science

The Wellbeing Champion: Emily Arps

Emily Arps’ career is centred around her passion for all things wellbeing. For the past five years she has worked as a health promoter for CDHB’s ‘All Right?’ initiative, as well as the Fresh Air Project, which gathers young people's views about SmokeFree community spaces. Emily is also a Future Christchurch ambassador, where she engages with the public about the City Blueprint plan. “Having grown up in Christchurch, this is particularly rewarding as I’m helping people get excited for our city's future.” Emily’s career is founded on a solid educational grounding from UC, where she completed her BA in Education and Psychology, followed by a Master’s in Health Sciences.

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