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If you are thinking about studying science at university, but not sure where it can lead, UC’s Choose Science careers evening will help you. Hear from inspiring UC Science graduates, meet our current students and find out about career opportunities in science.

Date: 25 May 2023
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Location: Central lecture Theatres, Ilam campus

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Meet our speakers

Amy Osborne

The MC (& Genomic Investigator): Dr Amy Osborne

Amy Osborne is a Senior Lecturer and passionate geneticist. Her research delves into how environmental exposures impact genome regulation and its effects on human health. Together with her graduate students, Amy is investigating the impact of maternal tobacco and cannabis use during pregnancy. Her lab aims to define how these exposures affect the neurodevelopment of exposed children at a molecular level. Amy's insatiable curiosity has made her a lifelong learner in the field of genetics, where she seeks to map out the intricacies of how our genomes are shaped by our environment. Her advice for those thinking about entering the field? Be prepared to challenge yourself every day… and of course, enjoy the journey!

Kate Lightowlers

The Natural Helper: Kate Lightowlers

After completing her studies in biological sciences, Kate Lightowlers springboarded into a people-based role as Peer Assisted Learning Support Coordinator at UC. Kate leads the charge in the PALS program, which supports first year students to succeed in their studies. She leads a team of 55 student leaders across 10 courses, bringing students, lecturers, course coordinators and senior staff together to deliver an effective programme. While she admits her role isn’t exactly a straight path from her degree, the skills she accrued – data analysis, problem solving and critical thinking to name just a few – have been key to her success. Kate plans to continue growing her career in tertiary education and looks forward to making a difference for students on their journey.

izzy raziff

The Rock Star: Izzy Raziff

Izzy’s love for the outdoors led him into the field of geography and geology. Since graduating from UC with a Professional Master of Engineering Geology, Izzy has launched his career as a graduate engineering geologist at AECOM where he interned during his degree. Izzy’s role involves assessing ground conditions for built structures, 3D ground modelling, slope stability assessments, evaluating seismic hazard and risk and conducting geomorphological studies. He relishes the amount of time he gets to spend on site and enjoys the challenge of developing unique engineering solutions for each situation. Izzy has his sights set on becoming a Chartered Professional Engineer and would like to pursue his passion for tunnelling on large overseas projects.

maisy hopkins

The Microplastic Maven: Maisie Hopkins

Meet Maisie Hopkins, graduate environmental scientist at Beca. Maisie specialises in Environmental Chemistry and loves the variety that her role offers. Her main focus is on contaminated land, where she conducts site investigations, soil and water sampling, monitoring, and risk assessments. While at UC, Maisie completed an Honours research project investigating the accumulation of trace elements on microplastics in wastewater treatment plants, as part of the Aotearoa Impacts and Mitigation of Microplastics national research programme. Maisie is proud to be part of growing efforts to create sustainable cities and communities across Aotearoa New Zealand, and excited to have entered a rapidly expanding and relevant field of work.

ellen wilson-hill

The Soil Detective: Ellen Wilson-Hill

Ellen’s career as an environmental scientist is truly starting from the ground up. After graduating from UC with a double major in Biology and Environmental Science, Ellen landed a graduate role at Stantec. Her job sees her largely focused on contaminated land assessments, where she performs preliminary and detailed site investigations. She also conducts field work, collecting and logging soil samples for geotechnical purposes. Recently, Ellen has been part of geotech investigations for the Hawkes Bay cyclone recovery work. Ellen is passionate about the environment and finding solutions to improve or protect it. The variety of her day-to-day work and numerous pathways available in environmental science is a perfect match for her adventurous spirit.

zachary lane

The Stargazer: Zachary Lane

A desire to learn about the biggest mysteries in the universe inspired Zachary to turn stargazing into his life’s career. Soon to embark on his Doctorate of Philosophy in Astronomy at UC, Zachary’s research is focused on Type Ia Supernovae and Active Galactic Nuclei. He is also looking at exploring deep-fields to find transient objects. Down here on earth, Zachary spends his time managing data sets for analysis, collaborating with experts around the world, and looking for new patterns in cosmological data. Zachary is currently a Senior Tutor at UC and aspires to become a lecturer in Astrophysics. “There is nothing more exciting than the highest energy objects in space – and that is what I study.”

dona banerjee

The Aspiring Geophysicist: Dona Banerjee

Dona Banerjee is studying towards her Bachelors of Science in Physics and Geology. She also works as physics lab demonstrator for first year labs. Dona was inspired to pursue science after a number of hands on experiences — coding, welding and electrolysis etching to name a few — cemented her love of learning and gave her the confidence to go further. At UC, Dona is relishing the opportunity to better understand the world, participate in multi-day field trips and share her passion with physics newbies. “Many things look magical when we don’t understand them. I have found them to be even more magical when I do understand them.”

ben robinson

The Geospatial Grad: Ben Robinson

After finishing his honours degree, Ben applied for a job at Pattle Delamore Partners (PDP), a leading engineering and environmental consultancy in Christchurch. He was welcomed into the geospatial team and well supported through the Covid lockdowns. Ben enjoys the range of tasks assigned to him and the range of projects he is involved with. Recently, Ben was involved in the city’s Sydenham Rezoning project. He used a range of Hazardous Land Data to plot out contaminated sites around the area, which he delivered to the client via an interactive geospatial dashboard. Ben says that communication skills and the ability to collaborate are key to his role, and is looking forward to further growing his knowledge in the field.

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