Double Degree and Double Major FAQs

What does a double major include? Is a double major a reasonably high workload?

A double major means that you are taking the requirements for two majors throughout your degree. Some subjects like physics require five courses each year at 100 and 200 level. In most cases, the workload would be the same as doing a single major, but if you choose to double major in two subjects with many requirements, you can choose to either have a heavier workload or a longer study duration to spread out your papers.

I'm thinking of doing a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Criminal Justice, how would this work for me, and how would I go about doing it?

Any double degree requires careful planning, and the structure can depend on what subjects you want to take in the BSc. Typically your first year would be set up in a way that would allow you to progress with either of the two degrees in your second year. At that point, if you still want to you can continue with a double degree, or you can continue with only one, and graduate in the normal three years. Double degrees take five years to complete.

Could you do a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Health Science, or would it be too difficult to manage?

You could do this as a double degree, but as always, that takes careful planning. It can be worth thinking carefully about what courses you are interested in and how they might go together. We recommend setting your first-year course plan in a way that will allow you to progress with either of the two degrees. In your second year, you can decide whether to continue with only one degree or both. Double degrees take five years.

How manageable is a combining a Bachelor of Science and something like a Bachelor of Music?

This is one of the more complex double degree options because of the structure of the Bachelor of Music. It will take careful planning and meeting with the advisors from arts and science to ensure that you stay on track.


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