Student academic advice and forms

Academic Advise

The UC Science Student Advisors give advice on course options and degree programmes for second year and above students.

First Year Students should visit the dedicated Kaitoko, First Year Student Advisors in Te Pātaka, level 3, Puaka James Hight. Information on how to book an appointment can be found here.

Students who are considering starting their first degree at UC should seek advice from our Future Students Office, Phone 0800 VARSITY (827 748), Email

Information about how degrees are structured is available on our undergraduate study page.

Postgraduate students should visit our Postgraduate advice and forms page.

Our Advisors can help you with

Getting started:

  • Degree planning, including double degrees and double majors
  • Explaining your course options
  • Understanding the University Calendar and degree regulations

Meeting requirements for graduation:

  • Advice on eligibility to graduate

Transferring and cross-crediting:

  • Transfer of credits from other tertiary institutions
  • Permissions to take courses at other New Zealand universities for credit to a UC degree
  • Cross-crediting between several undergraduate degrees
  • Transferring between degrees

Dealing with changes in your circumstances:

  • Exemptions, such as waivers of pre-requisites or core-requirements
  • Withdrawal from courses
  • Masters thesis suspensions
  • Masters thesis extensions
  • Part-time enrolment at postgraduate level

Dealing with study-related issues:

  • Academic appeals

Some departments recommend having studied certain subjects at school. Find out more: Best Preparation for a BSc (pdf 57KB)

If you are unsure whether you want to commit to a 3-year or 4-year degree you can enrol in a Certificate in Science.

If you haven't already studied sciences at Years 12 and 13 you might find it helpful to enrol in the Science Headstart (Summer Preparatory Programme).

The following forms are pdf files. Click on the links to download. If you do not have acrobat reader installed, please email for a copy of the form to be sent to your student email address to

Postgraduate students should visit our Postgraduate advice and forms page.

Forms for undergraduate students

Maori students

Te Whare Wananga o Waitaha offers a welcoming environment for Maori students and provides support and encouragement for Maori to achieve academic excellence. Find out more

Pasifika students

The University of Canterbury provides a welcoming and supportive environment for students of Pacific heritage. Academic and cultural support services have been designed to ensure that you get the most out of both your studies and your free time. Find out more

Students with disabilities

For advice on support for students with a disability, please see the Equity & Disability Service. Find out more

Student Support

The Student Support team provides a range of services, support and useful information for students, both domestic and international students. Find out more

Career advice and planning

UC Careers and Employment provides advice and resources for job seeking, (including CV development) and information about prospective jobs and employers. Find out more

Departments and Schools

Departments and Schools can help you with questions regarding their courses and course selection. Contact your department

Academic support

The Academic Skills Centre is a free service that offers writing and study advice, resources and support for students from first-year through to PhD. Contact the ASC

If you wish to add, change or discontinue any of your current courses you must follow the correct procedure.

A change of enrolment application should be submitted online and goes through an approval process via the relevant department/school and the Student Advisors.

Key dates for enrolment changes

Before you make the change, make sure you are aware of the key dates for enrolment and withdrawal from courses.

Course change process

To make changes to your current enrolment:

  1. Go to MyUC.
  2. Login using your University student "Username" and "Password".
  3. Click on the "Enrolment" button.
  4. Proceed with your change of enrolment application, following the instructions and make sure you complete the application by clicking on "submit".

If you have not heard anything about your change of enrolment application within one week, please contact the Enrolment Contact Centre or the Student Advisors to find out what the status of your application is.

What happens next?

Once a change has been approved, you will be emailed or posted a notification of change which must be accepted in order for the change to be finalised. Approvals are based on meeting the required prerequisites for a course, your workload (number of points enrolled in) and degree requirements.

If a change is not approved, your application will be declined. The Student Advisors may also contact you, in order to offer advice about your options.

How will my loan, allowance and fees be affected?

Changing or withdrawing from your courses will have implications for your fees. If you have a student allowance and/or loan, these may be affected as well. You should make sure you know exactly what the implications will be for you, BEFORE you put through an application for a change of enrolment.


Before you make a change to your enrolment, you may wish to get some academic advice. You can contact the relevant department or contact the Student Advisor.

Make an appointment

Student advisors are available 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday for face-to-face, phone or video conferencing appointments via Zoom.  Please make an appointment using the links below.

Please note that if you have been unwell we would prefer you to book a phone or Zoom appointment. 

Roseanna Brailsford is available Monday to Wednesday. 

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions here. For further queries or assistance, make an appointment with our student advisors.


Nicki McMillan

Academic Services Manager - Faculty of Science
Beatrice Tinsley 118
Internal Phone: 93390

Anggit Pangastuti

Student Advisor - Postgraduate Advice
Internal Phone: 91799

Jessie Kuang

Student Advisor - Undergraduate advice
Internal Phone: 92573

Roseanna Brailsford

Student Advisor - Undergraduate advice
Available Monday to Wednesday
Internal Phone: 91392

Kaitoko | First Year Student Advisors

Kaitoko provide academic, pastoral and holistic support for first year students to help them navigate UC and achieve their study goals. Appointments can be booked using the links below. 

Amanda Mitchell

Kaitoko - Science
First Year Student Advice
Te Pātaka, Level 3, Puaka-James Hight
Internal Phone: 93483

James Calder

Kaitoko - Science and Engineering
First Year Student Advice
Te Pātaka, Level 3, Puaka-James Hight
Internal Phone: 92334

Resources to help you plan your degree

To use the BSc calculator tool:

  1. Download file below
  2. Open with Excel
  3. Input and check course details as per instructions

Note that this is a trial tool intended to help plan your degree or check your degree completion requirements, for formal advice or approvals please contact the Faculty office.