Vanessa Bastos

LecturerVanessa Bastos

Beatrice Tinsley BT325
Internal Phone: 91028
I am a geographer using spatial data science to solve real-world problems, improve our cities, transportation systems and teach the new generation.

Research Interests

The core focus of my research is on spatial data science and the development of new spatiotemporal modelling techniques to address problems of a geographical nature using big data (e.g., location-based services, transactional records, social media, and GPS tracking). These datasets can be used to study patterns of individual behaviour, which when combined with other sources of data (i.e., data fusion), can lead to a fuller understanding of the dynamics of human activity at the population level, particularly in urban areas. Most interestingly, investigating the dynamics of human activities also allows deepening the comprehension of modern global concerns, such as climate changes, pandemics, traffic intensity, human mobility and accessibility to services, natural hazards and migration, and spatial inequalities.

Recent Publications

  • Brum-Bastos V., Łoś M., Long JA., Nelson T. and Demšar U. (2022) Context-aware movement analysis in ecology: a systematic review. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 36(2): 405-427.
  • Sanders RL., da Silva Brum-Bastos V. and Nelson TA. (2022) Insights from a pilot investigating the impacts of shared E-scooter use on physical activity using a single-case design methodology. Journal of Transport and Health 25
  • Benitez-Paez F., Brum-Bastos VDS., Beggan CD., Long JA. and Demšar U. (2021) Fusion of wildlife tracking and satellite geomagnetic data for the study of animal migration. Movement Ecology 9(1)
  • Demšar U., Long JA., Benitez-Paez F., Brum Bastos V., Marion S., Martin G., Sekulić S., Smolak K., Zein B. and Siła-Nowicka K. (2021) Establishing the integrated science of movement: bringing together concepts and methods from animal and human movement analysis. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 35(7): 1273-1308.
  • Lucena A., Herbst I., Bastos V. and Miranda V. (2021) Utilização do Índice de Área Construída (IBI) para análise da evolução espaço-temporal da Temperatura da Superfície Continental (TSC) na Região Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro (RMRJ). Revista Entre-Lugar 12(24): 269-300.