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Senior LecturerTadeu Siqueira

Internal Phone: 92446

Research Interests

I am a biodiversity scientist interested in understanding how community and metacommunity dynamics emerge and persist in freshwater ecosystems. My research strikes a balance between a variety of approaches, including field observations, controlled experiments, computational simulations, conceptual syntheses, and reviews. Through collaboration, I have been transferring my ideas to other ecosystems and taxonomic groups. My long-term research goal is to better bridge basic and applied community ecology to improve our predictive ability of freshwater biodiversity dynamics under anthropogenic pressure.

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Recent Publications

  • Calvão LB., Siqueira T., Faria APJ., Paiva CKS. and Juen L. (2022) Correlates of Odonata species composition in Amazonian streams depend on dissimilarity coefficient and oviposition strategy. Ecological Entomology 47(6): 998-1010.
  • Machado KB., Bini LM., Melo AS., Andrade ATD., Almeida MFD., Carvalho P., Teresa FB., Roque FDO., Bortolini JC. and Padial AA. (2022) Functional and taxonomic diversities are better early indicators of eutrophication than composition of freshwater phytoplankton. Hydrobiologia
  • Schneck F., Bini LM., Melo AS., Petsch DK., Saito VS., Wengrat S. and Siqueira T. (2022) Catchment scale deforestation increases the uniqueness of subtropical stream communities. Oecologia 199(3): 671-683.
  • Wunderlich A., Simioni W., Zica É. and Siqueira T. (2022) Experimental evidence that host choice by parasites is age-dependent in a fish-monogenean system. Parasitology Research 121(1): 115-126.
  • Lansac-Tôha FM., Bini LM., Heino J., Meira BR., Segovia BT., Pavanelli CS., Bonecker CC., de Deus CP., Benedito E. and Alves GM. (2021) Scale-dependent patterns of metacommunity structuring in aquatic organisms across floodplain systems. Journal of Biogeography 48(4): 872-885.