Suliasi Vunibola

Climate Crisis Research FellowSuli Vunibola

Internal Phone: 91499

Research Interests

My research interests are broadly in the interdisciplinary areas of development studies, human geography, ethnography, ethno-ecology, climate crisis and community production. The core of some of my research is around indigenous knowledge systems, community Indigenous innovation, alternative development, community driven development and social transformation in the Pacific. My doctoral research for example explored Indigenous alternative economic development on customary land in the Pacific through decolonised Pacific methodologies.
Currently I am pursuing research projects related to the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded Pacific Ocean and Climate Crisis Assessment where my role also involves building up a comprehensive Pacific climate database. Specifically, my focus is on climate-resilient development adaptation and mitigation measures, including Indigenous and local knowledge and system transitions, to reduce risks from the human-induced climate crisis in the Pacific.

Recent Publications

  • Vunibola S. and Scobie M. (2022) Islands of Indigenous innovation: reclaiming and reconceptualising innovation within, against and beyond colonial-capitalism. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 52(S1): 4-17.
  • Vunibola S., Steven H. and Scobie M. (2022) Indigenous enterprise on customary lands: Diverse economies of surplus. Asia Pacific Viewpoint 63(1): 40-52.
  • Leweniqila I. and Vunibola S. (2020) Food Security in COVID-19: Insights from Indigenous Fijian Communities. Oceania 90(S1): 81-88.
  • Scheyvens R., Banks G., Vunibola S., Steven H. and Meo-Sewabu L. (2020) Business serves society: Successful locally-driven development on customary land in the South Pacific. Geoforum 112: 52-62.