Steven Marsh

Senior LecturerSteven Marsh

Director of Medical Physics
Beatrice Tinsley 409
Internal Phone: 94225
Our aim is to develop new methodologies and devices to improve clinical outcomes for patients.


Research Interests

My research interests are quite broad, focused primarily on the use of radiation in the clinical setting.

Some of these students do their research in the hospital environment and others are based here at the University of Canterbury.

Recent Publications

  • Duncan-Gelder P., Moggré A., Cousins A., Wilder B. and Marsh S. (2021) Accurate dosimetric measurement of large extended SSD fields for comparison to TPS models. Physica Medica 84: 220-227.
  • Haworth A., Fielding AL., Marsh S., Rowshanfarzad P., Santos A., Metcalfe P. and Franich R. (2020) Will COVID-19 change the way we teach medical physics post pandemic? Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine 43(3): 735-738.
  • Lowther NJ., Marsh SH. and Louwe RJW. (2020) Dose accumulation to assess the validity of treatment plans with reduced margins in radiotherapy of head and neck cancer. Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology 14: 53-60.
  • Lowther NJ., Marsh SH. and Louwe RJW. (2020) Quantifying the dose accumulation uncertainty after deformable image registration in head-and-neck radiotherapy. Radiotherapy and Oncology 143: 117-125.
  • Rajasekar A., Moggré A., Cousins A. and Marsh S. (2020) Optimising the use of EPIgray for 3DCRT breast treatments. Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine 43(3): 1077-1085.