simon kemp

Simon Kemp

Emeritus Professor
Psychology Sociology building, room 462
Internal Phone: 94394


Research Interests

Research interests include economic psychology, long-term memory, psychological measurement, and the history of psychology.

Recent Publications

  • Grice M., Kemp S., Morton NJ. and Grace RC. (2023) The Psychological Scaffolding of Arithmetic. Psychological Review
  • Chen Z., Hooson-Smith C., Humphries A. and Kemp S. (2022) Memories for the emotions that you and others experienced during COVID-19 lockdown. Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies 26(1): 15-22.
  • Kemp S. and Grace RC. (2021) Using ordinal scales in psychology. Methods in Psychology 5
  • Kemp S., Grice M., Makarious D., Stuart K., Carvell GC., Morton NJ. and Grace RC. (2021) Range and distribution effects on number line placement. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics 83(4): 1673-1683.
  • Marsh RJ., Dorahy MJ., Butler C., Middleton W., de Jong PJ., Kemp S. and Huntjens R. (2021) Inter-identity amnesia for neutral episodic self-referential and autobiographical memory in dissociative identity disorder: An assessment of recall and recognition. PLoS ONE 16(2 Febuary)