simon kemp

ProfessorSimon Kemp

Honours and 1st Year Masters Co-ordinator
Psychology 208a
Internal Phone: 94394


Research Interests

Research interests include economic psychology, long-term memory, psychological measurement, and the history of psychology.

Recent Publications

  • Grace RC., Carvell GE., Morton NJ., Grice M., Wilson AJ. and Kemp S. (2020) On the origins of computationally complex behavior. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition 46(1): 1-15.
  • Hsiao YC. and Kemp S. (2020) The effect of incentive structure on search in the secretary problem. Judgment and Decision Making 15(1): 82-92.
  • Hsiao YC., Kemp S. and Servátka M. (2020) On the Importance of Context in Sequential Search. Southern Economic Journal 86(4): 1510-1530.
  • Kemp S. (2019) Mental disorder and mysticism in the late medieval world. History of Psychology 22(2): 149-162.
  • Williams L. and Kemp S. (2019) Independent markers of master’s theses show low levels of agreement. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 44(5): 764-771.