Sarah Sapsford

Sarah Sapsford

Fungal and disease ecology

Research Interests

I am a disease and fungal ecologist who focuses on the roles of fungi and pathogens in communities and ecosystems. I have particular interest in mycorrhizal fungi and using molecular tools to detect these fungi in the field.

I am currently involved in the belowground legacies of wilding pine invasions and the role of invasive fungi.

Recent Publications

  • Sapsford SJ. and Waller LP. (2020) Seeing the forest not just for its trees: exotic pathogens shift forest communities aboveground and belowground. New Phytologist 227(2): 283-285.
  • Sapsford SJ., Brandt AJ., Davis KT., Peralta G., Dickie IA., Gibson RD., Green JL., Hulme PE., Nuñez MA. and Orwin KH. (2020) Towards a framework for understanding the context dependence of impacts of non-native tree species. Functional Ecology 34(5): 944-955.
  • Sapsford SJ., Paap T., Hopkins AJM., Hardy GESJ. and Burgess TI. (2020) Habitat fragmentation in a Mediterranean-type forest alters resident and propagule mycorrhizal fungal communities. Pedobiologia 78
  • Sapsford SJ., Alford RA. and Schwarzkopf L. (2018) Disentangling causes of seasonal infection prevalence patterns: Tropical tadpoles and chytridiomycosis as a model system. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 130(2): 83-93.
  • Sapsford SJ., Paap T., Hardy GESJ. and Burgess TI. (2017) The ‘chicken or the egg’: which comes first, forest tree decline or loss of mycorrhizae? Plant Ecology 218(9): 1093-1106.