Samuel Hampton

Sam Hampton

Ernest Rutherford 263C
Internal Phone: 92758


Research Interests

Research follow three main themes

Volcanism - Volcanic processes, reconstruction of volcanic systems, volcanic stratigraphy, and volcano-tectonic relationships. Focus of doctoral studies and continuuing research on intraplate volcanism of Banks Peninsula.

Volcanic Hazards - effects and mitigation of volcanic ash on infrastructure, housing, and machinery. Research in close association with Thomas Wilson.

Geothermal Energy - within the Geothermal Resource Research Group and Source to Surface Research Programme. Investigating the geological and magmatic controls on geothermal systems in the Taupo Volcanic Zone.

Recent Publications

  • Goldman RT., Albright JA., Gravley DM., Grosfils EB., Gregg PM. and Hampton SJ. (2022) Stress Control of Dike Deflection and Flank Eruption at Akaroa Volcano, New Zealand. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 127(8)
  • Borella J., Quigley M., Riley M., Trutner S., Jol H., Borella M., Hampton S. and Gravley D. (2020) Influence of anthropogenic landscape modifications and infrastructure on the geological characteristics of liquefaction. Anthropocene 29
  • Bertolett EM., Prior DJ., Gravley DM., Hampton SJ. and Kennedy BM. (2019) Compacted cumulates revealed by electron backscatter diffraction analysis of plutonic lithics. Geology 47(5): 445-448.
  • Borella J., Quigley M., Krauss Z., Lincoln K., Attanayake J., Stamp L., Lanman H., Levine S., Hampton S. and Gravley D. (2019) Geologic and geomorphic controls on rockfall hazard: How well do past rockfalls predict future distributions? Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 19(10): 2249-2280.
  • Jolley A., Hampton S., Brogt E., Kennedy B., Fraser L. and Knox A. (2019) Student field experiences: Designing for different instructors and variable weather. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 43(1): 71-95.